U.S. Money Reserve, a Force to Reckon With


Did you know that the U.S. Money Reserve not only serves the interests of America but also those of the international community? The company, since its establishment, has grown from one glory to the other. The U.S reserve which became operational in 2001 has developed into one of the largest precious metal distributors in the world.

Ask Australia if you think I am kidding. In truth, the U.S. Money Reserve is at the top of the mountain because of its capable workforce. The leadership is to thank for all the alliances the private distributor is enjoying today for it is because of these mergers that the corporation is enjoying a global presence.

U.S. Reserve also owes its current successes to the men and women who offer stellar services to the consumers. Recall, the distributor not only offers customers with excellent products and services but also items that improve their standard of living. Read more:  US Money Reserve | Facebook

A superb case study is that of the distributor and The Perth Mint. These two entities have been working together for years and in so doing built an alliance that remains unshaken. U.S. Money Reserve might be a young company but it has achieved things that The Perth Mint envies.

For example, the U.S. Money Reserve, having gotten tasked with the mandate of producing three sets of silver and gold coins in honor of the Queen of England, did the unexpected. The organization, because of its experience in minting rare coins, was able to develop the consignment to the liking of The Perth Mint. The silver and gold coins each got created from an intrinsic design, a work of art that had an expiry date of less than a year.

In short, what the U.S. Reserve created can never get replicated. As they say, a rare item is a gem. The over two hundred coins developed by the global precious metals private distributor are worth more than you may imagine.

Additionally, each coin has a distinct marker meaning that only someone in the reserve’s team can make duplicates. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

The Perth Mint, in their assignment, also recommended that each coin gets accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, something that the U.S. Money Reserve has already achieved.

From the look of things, the U.S. Money Reserve is a company you can trust as the leadership and employees go out of their way to ensure that they over deliver on their products and services. Therefore, The Perth Mint made a wise decision hiring the distributor for the job.

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The RealReal Is Trying Its Hand At Putting Out Beauty Products

Online Store

The RealReal is a luxury store, something that offers high end products to consumers. This store is one that is located online but that also has one physical location in Manhattan as well as one pop-up location in Las Vegas. The RealReal is a consignment type of store and one that offers shoes, jewelry, and designer handbags. This store is one that pleases consumers with a variety of products, and it has started to offer something new. The store is trying its hand at putting out beauty products and offering them to consumers. These products are brand new and they are quality made products.

There are some who like to purchase all of their luxury items in one location and who would appreciate having the opportunity to pick up beauty items through The RealReal. This store has put together a curated selection of beauty products to offer to consumers with the hope that they might provide consumers with all that they need over a number of different categories. They are just starting to offer beauty products both online and in their store, but they are hoping that this might be something that they will do more of in the future and that they might be able to offer a wider range of products at some point.

There are other stores out there that are known for offering clothing but that have chosen to also offer beauty products, and The RealReal fits right in with those other stores. Some of the brands that will be available at this store include Joanna Vargas, Cap Beauty, and Pai Skincare. Those who are interested in trying out brands like these will be able to pick up the beauty items along with other luxury items that they are purchasing, such as jewelry and trendy shoes.

Igor Cornelsen Talks Investment, and why Brazil is the Best Developing Country to invest in

Bank Industry

Igor Cornelsen is a native of Brazil and is the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Inc which is based in the Bahamas. Bainbridge offers potential investors with investment strategies that are going to benefit them in the long-term. Igor has been in the industry long enough to have a deep pool of investing knowledge and he is not shy to share his expertise with like-minded people. He started his career in Brazil right after completing his education. Cornelsen has worked in a string of banking companies in Brazil where he has held different management positions. He quit his career in banking to give more attention to his investments and started his company.

Investment strategies

Igor is famous for advising investors not to put their money in companies that have a history of financial problems and countries with a hostile political atmosphere. Igor instead offers them the alternative to purchase damaged or declining stock which they will then sell at a profit once the market goes back to normal. He has created most of his wealth by trading in declining assets and damaged stocks. Igor says this is usually a long-term investment and urges the investors to indulge patience once they invest along this line.

Igor Cornelsen is a relentless advocate for diversifying investments. He has extensive experience and knowledge in many sectors of investments. Among his top clients who come to him for counsel is Burger King. He has spent many years observing patterns and behaviors of the market and this has helped him identify the merits and the demerits when it comes to investing. His clients have found his knowledge very useful in their operations. Igor is a consultant and both organizations and individuals can reach him for investment advice.

Why Brazil?

According to Igor, Brazil is very attractive to investors because it is open to new ideas on investments. He says that investing in any of Brazil’s top companies such as Santander, Citibank Brazil, Banco Bradesco, BTG Pactual, Banco do Brazil, Caixa Economica Federal and Banco J Safra will give an investor good returns. He also advises Brazilian investors and other international investors to put their money in nations such as China. Igor says that it is necessary to analyze the trading partners of a foreign country, before investing money.

More about Igor Cornelsen

He attended school at the Federal University of Parana where he had first enrolled in engineering school but decided to also pursue economics in the institution. Igor believes that the Brazilian economy is strongly related and identical to the Chinese economy and the two governments should ensure fair trading. He supports the appointed of the new finance minister in Brazil.

The Multi-Talented Architect, Robert Ivy Scopes This Year’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Architect, Career Success

Come 2nd June 2018, Robert Ivy, the current Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects will be feted with the Noel Polk Lifetime achievement award. The annual ceremony hosted by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) honors living Mississippi-connected dedicated to creating or supporting art in their respective capacities. This year’s ceremony remains historic as it will be the first time for the Noel Polk award to go an architect’s way.

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Why give the award to Robert

When making the announcement on the decision to honor Robert Ivy with the Noel Polk award, the Institute’s president, Nancy LaForge mentioned that the award fetes artists and art patrons. And Robert Ivy has proven himself an artist with a Midas touch, passionately transforming everything he touches. As an author, editor, a practicing architect, and a commentator on international architecture no one can doubt Robert’s talents nor underrate his achievements in these areas.

Note that when he worked as the editor-in-chief for the McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record, Robert helped reshape and broaden its international readership. By the time he left the publisher, Architecture Record was the most read architectural journal worldwide. Robert Ivy even helped the journal transcend language barriers by pioneering the establishment of the publisher’s branch in China that preceded the translation of the journal into Mandarin. His efforts during the time helped expose architecture to millions of people worldwide.

When he jumped ship from the publisher to head the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Robert Ivy brought the Midas touch with him. While he was appointed CEO in 2011, Robert has already accomplished so much within the institution in the less than a decade of his leadership. For instance, the institute’s membership has hit record highs despite it being in existence for over 160 years. Most importantly, he led the opening of two overseas chapters in China and Canada bringing them to a total of seven.

Joining other legendary artisans

While Robert may be the first practicing architect to scope this prestigious award, he joins a never-ending list of Mississippi natives whose works also earned him this honor. These include actor Morgan Freeman (2007), author Eudora Welty (2001), as well as artist Walter Anderson (1998). He, however, wouldn’t be the only one on the podium come the 2nd June, Robert will share this moment of glory with a Mississippi based artist, Andrey Carl Young of Stained Glass studios. In 2017, Robert walked away with the Dean’s medal from the University of Arkansas.

Search more about Robert Ivy: https://archinect.com/news/article/150059501/robert-ivy-to-receive-lifetime-achievement-award

Jeremy Goldstein: A Reliable Partner in Law Industry


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates law firm. The firm concentrates on advising management teams, chief executive officers, compensation committees, and business committees in matters of executive compensation and governance. They mostly handle matters that arise from transformation business events and other sensitive matters.

Jeremy Goldstein chairs the mergers & acquisition sub-committee for the renowned American Bar Association Business Section. Jeremy has been involved with many large corporate deals especially the last ten years.

He leads the executive compensation attorneys in the entire United States. Jeremy Goldstein has a juris doctorate from New York University, M.A from the University of Chicago, and B.A from Cornell University.

Through an interview with Jeremy, he pours out his heart on how his day unfolds. Jeremy begins by saying that he takes time to advise the customers concerning their careers and they pays. These matters touch his heart most. Due to the nature of his work, he reveals that he knows that there is never a shortcut in handling any work.

He says that his work is quite substantial in advising, drafting, and negotiating. Jeremy says that due to the foreseen time-consuming work, he takes seriously matters of managing his time well. This ensures that he remains productive in his work.

When asked how he makes ideas real, he responds by recognizing that he has practiced this work for over twenty years. Throughout this time, he realizes that there are rarely new matters arising. Every issue that comes has been through his hands before. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

One of the most exciting executive compensation and corporate governance matter that is trending and igniting his heart is the fact that both have gained stability than ever before. This has enabled the compensation companies, committees, and executives to focus on the major factors from corporate performance without losing it.

Before owning the law firm, Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at Lipton, Watchtell, and Rosen & Katz law firms. One of the major corporate transaction that he has taken a greater part in includes the acquisition of Goodrich, which was done by United Technologies.

Since the last ten years, Jeremey continued to foster corporate transactions that made him known in the global network. He is a legend in the law industry with much of his work lying quite appreciated.

What sets him apart in his dealings is the passion for taking people more importantly. He loves staying in touch with them through writing, follow up, and calling among others to ensure that he shows his interest in advising individuals. It is caring nature.

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A look at one of Brazil’s high profile business men, Roberto Santiago

Business, Business Leader

Roberto Santiago is an all rounded man whose business acumen certainly stands out. His brainchild, Manaira Shopping Mall is sufficient proof of his entrepreneurial prowess. Roberto is a man whom other investors have described as the symbol of perseverance and a relentless dream chaser. These are the qualities that have pedaled him to the top. He is unquestionably the most prosperous businessman around Paraiba and Brazil to a large extent.




Roberto Santiago initially attended the Pio X-Marist College for his first undergraduate degree. That was not enough for a highly ambitious Roberto who had in the process realized he was better in business. Consequently, he joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa to enroll for a Business Administration degree.


After his graduation, Roberto sought for employment and landed a job at Café Santa Rosa. Roberto displayed sharp learning skills and while at the job he learned the dos and the don’ts of running a successful enterprise. He accumulated some savings which would be very crucial in the future when he would decide to venture out solo.




Roberto established his first company soon after relinquishing his position at Café Santa Rosa. His company would make cartons from cardboards and sell them to companies. He also manufactured other packaging materials. The company started making profits and in the year 1987 Roberto had accumulated enough funds to purchase a prime piece of land in his native area Joao Pessoa. And this is the land that Roberto practically built his dream on because twenty-four months later his Manaira Shopping Mall would stand on the same piece of land.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is what you would call Roberto’s flagship project. Its towering architecture is representative of Roberto’s creativity. Essentially Manaira shopping mall is the embodiment of celebration in Paraiba. The mall is home to eleven cinema halls structured with elegance second to none. Also in the mall sits a gaming paradise with over two hundred state-of-the-art gaming machines.


Touring the mall will paint the impression that its founder must have been a very experienced and tough businessman who maybe has done this type of projects before, but that is actually not the case. Roberto established the mall while he was thirty years old. Roberto is living proof that determination pays off since his first idea was catastrophic. He, however, did not choose the easy way out or let this deter him and it is through this persistence that the Manaira mall was born.

More about Roberto Santiago


Born in Joao Pessao, Roberto is a renowned Brazilian native with top notch entrepreneurial skills. Roberto believes in hard work and personal discipline but is also glad to give credit to others. He attributes and shares his success with his employees and partners.


Roberto is an avid sports lover and has received a number of awards in various competitions. Roberto believes in mentoring the young and encourages young men in Brazil to not give up on their ambitions. He believes Brazil is a fertile land for the young people to plant their dream and supports them in any way he can so they can achieve greatness like he did.


Alexandre Gama A Master Of Many Things

Advertising Leader

Alexandre Gama, the CEO of Brazilian advertising agency Neogama, is still going strong after nearly 40 years in the industry. Gama has ran Neogama since he founded the company back in 1999 and plans on running the day-to-day operations well into the foreseeable future.

Gama spent nearly two decades as a copywriter and creative director at a number of agencies prior to starting Neogama. The agency has been one of Brazil’s top agencies since it was founded, winning numerous awards and distinctions for their work. Gama has personally been the recipient of a number of awards and distinctions over the years.

In 2008 Gama became the first Latin American to be invited to teach a Masterclass at Cannes. He has been a board member of the Brazilian Association of Advertising since 2012. In 2004 and again in 2013, Alexandre was given the distinction of being named the Foreman of the International Film Jury of D&AD. Neogama has been awarded over two dozen Golden Lion Awards at the Cannes Film Festival since the year 2000.

Gama is also an avid investor as part owner of Briggs Automotive and founder of music conglomerated, VIOLAB. He continues to be known around the world as one of the greatest minds in advertising.

Talkspace One on One

Behavior Therapy

The first time people saw Talkspace on twitter they thought it was a new social media website but it is actually more than that. The Talkspace app is basically your one-on-one therapist online.

With talk-space you just simply express your feelings all in writing. Every single thought, questions or opinion is written out and this works great for individuals that have trouble verbalizing their thoughts. I can admit I’m one of those people that has a hard time starting a conversation but I definitely don’t have a problem writing everything down so something like is a big plus in my books.

One of the best parts of the online therapy is that if your not happy with your current therapist you simply switch to another therapist and because everything is typed it backs up all your previous conversations and you don’t have to repeat your previous sections with the new therapist they’ll just picked up where you left off this was a big plus to the users.

People are asking what are the pros and cons of using Talkspace for online therapy well people actually get tired of the same routine day after day or they just simply don’t have the time. People are working anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day then have to go home after these long strenuous hours and tend to their family. This is where the Talkspace app benefits individuals with little or now time because they can access Talkspace right from their smartphone, tablet or even home computer, they can send their therapist a message at a time that’s convenient for them an not have to worry about keeping or making an appointment.

Sahm Adrangi Issues Report on Pharma Company

Business, Business Leader, CEO, Financial, Financial Advice, Investment Advice, Investor

When you are looking to invest your personal capital, doing the right level of financial diligence is very important. While most people focus on reading reports about companies that discuss their future growth potential, other people and up researching companies that have potential for big losses.

When looking for opportunities that could result in a company losing stock value, you could end up making a lot of money through short selling and buying put options. One individual that continues to provide insight into companies that may have overvalued stocks is Sahm Adrangi, who is the principal of Kerrisdale Capital.

Over the past few years, Sahm Adrangi has issued a number of very insightful reports that discussed the financial condition of many different companies. While many of his views end up being disputed, he is often proven correct in his assessment. Over the past few weeks, Sahm Adrangi issued a report on the prospects of Proteostasis Therapeutics.

Overall, Sahm Adrangi gave a number of good reasons why he thinks the company will not continue to see a high stock price. Overall, the future prognosis of Proteostasis Therapeutics will hinge on the company’s ability to bring a new drug they are working on to the next stage of a clinical trial. The Proteostasis Therapeutics company was recently able to bring a drug used to treat cystic fibrosis through Stage 2 testing with the FDA. While this is a major accomplishment, there is still a lot more work that needs to be done in order for them to be able to bring it to market. While Proteostasis Therapeutics has seen a big increase in value due to the Stage 2 test, the company could suffer if it is not successful in bringing it through Stage 3.

According to Adrangi, there is plenty of reason to doubt that Proteostasis Therapeutics will be able to bring their next drug through the next stage of clinical trials. He also believes that the company has tried to stay compliant by producing interim reports, but he believes that a lot of the information provided has been swept under the rug.


How Todd Lubar Became a Successful Investor


Todd Lubar is a prominent leader in the real estate industry. During his career, he has purchased dozens of rental properties to rent to tenants. He owns a thriving real estate business. Despite his busy schedule, he still prioritizes time to work with young people in his community. He uses his resources to benefit the local community.

Todd Lubar started in the real estate industry at a young age. While he was selling homes to clients, someone mentioned that he should consider buying rental homes. He did some research and decided it was a good idea. It took him over a year to save up a down payment on his first home. After renting the house to a tenant, he quickly learned the value of passive income.

Early Career

After selling real estate for a few years, Todd Lubar started a company. He wanted to operate a property management company to help other investors. Many investors struggle to manage tenants. A property management company handles all of the issues that take place in a rental home. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Todd Lubar was able to quickly grow his property management company by providing quality service to customers. The company produced a ton of profits each month, and he used the earnings to invest in real estate. Within a few years, Todd Lubar had multiple homes in the Baltimore area to rent to tenants. These homes produced substantial revenue each month for him to utilize. Check out Yelp to know more.

Future Plans

Even though Todd Lubar is financially successful, he plans to continue investing and working. He enjoys looking at real estate and loves finding a good deal. Many young investors enjoy learning various lessons from him. Todd is also writing a book about real estate investing.

Investing in real estate is possible for anyone who is willing to work hard and take calculated risks.

Read more: http://baltimorepostexaminer.com/low-housing-inventory-leads-home-prices-rising/2018/04/10