Protect Your Business From Internet Drama

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The internet has changed the way small businesses do marketing. Anyone can review your business on yelp or other review sites and give your company raving scores getting the word out about your business. There is a flip side to this success that many companies must be wary of. Dissatisfied customers, rivals, and trolls can trash your reputation. Your business could even potentially lose sails due to a nasty online reputation.To keep yourself going you’re going to need to protect your online reputation. This requires vigilance and commitment to keeping your name in good lighting in every corner of the internet.

The first thing you’ll need to do to protect your online reputation is surveillance of the internet. Keep track of any review sites or apps out there that might contain reviews of your business. If you have a restaurant keep an eye on yelp for any negative reviews of staff or cuisine. Once you have an eye on where your business is discussed on the internet the next thing to do is main a presence on the internet. Facebook, twitter, and snapchat are absolutely vital for any business looking to raise its reputation. This presence helps combat any attempts to diminish your reputation.

Online Reputation Defender can be difficult to understand because it’s such a recent phenomena. Whether you are running a local pizzeria or a private investment firm you will need to manage your online reputation. Rival businesses could be trashing your business or there may even be random trolls who have decided to ruin the reputation of a complete stranger. In a matter of years the importance of the internet has changed rapidly and now occupies a central role in the daily ordeals of any business manager. By keeping a presence online your business stays strong.


Fabletics Planning Expansion


Any new company will often find that growth is vital. Without the ability to grow and expand, the new company may fail to get off the ground. This is why those who watch the worlds of retail and fashion were not surprised to learn that Fabletics, one of the most explosive of all clothing retailers on in the last few years, is hoping to see a great deal of expansion into various new markets in the coming years. This will be a major planned expansion for the company. At the present time, they have opened up to seven stores to help provide their customers with access to the clothing they have become noted for over the years.

Serious Expansion

Those at Fabletics look the future and feel quite hopeful. They are aware that women today need workout clothing and need it be clothing that looks good as they work out and then afterwards. They know that any modern woman realizes the value of a good workout. Fabletics also know that any modern woman wants great workout clothing. This is why company officials know there is a market for their products. They are hopeful they can open at least fifty stores selling Fabletics clothing in the next three to five years. They are also hopeful that it will be possible to open up even more as today’s woman find that shopping here can be perfect for her specific plans. The clothing that Fabletics sell is based around the understandable concept that clothing that is worn during a workout should be of high quality but should not be too pricey. Clothing sold in such stores is clothing that the buyer can see and feel first before choosing to buy it. This differs from their other clothing model that is based around a website.

The Online Experience

As the Krazy Coupon Lady tells her readers, it is really easy to buy clothing via the website. She helps her readers fully understand the process of buying clothing on Consumerist here with a simple guide that shows her readers what they can expect once they log on to the site and consider buying from it. This model has been highly successful in recent years as customers have become much more confident about buying items of all kinds online from retailers rather than in a store. What is ultimately clear from the planned expansion into new markets is that those at Fabletics know they can be successful at using both kinds of selling models. They know that each customer is different and has varying needs. This is why they look to various mediums to help reach out to them and offer them items they know the customer will want to buy.

Desiree Perez’s Relationship With Tidal

Business Partnership, Expansion


Tidal is the first online music service which was created for the purpose of providing high-fidelity music streaming. This means that it’s able to stream higher-quality versions of the same sound that you would normally listen to as compared with the lower-quality versions. Lower-quality music is more of a challenge and is a result of the expensive audio equipment which produces lower quality. Tidal music has also been expertly crafted by individuals whom are experienced in the audio field, called audio journalists. Tidal needs leadership to keep it afloat, so the addition of new leadership is designed to provide the backbone as the founders see the potential in the company despite all of the challenges which it has faced.

Tidal has recently courted Desiree Perez as a new leader of the firm. The company was founded by Jay Z, and Des Perez represents the new leadership of the company. The idea behind bringing her on is that she offers plenty of great business acumen that the company could benefit from. The company is trying to market itself as a competitor to the more popular streaming services such as Spotify, and offer better quality audio to these individuals. Additionally, there are rumors of a possible acquisition by Samsung. Samsung has talked with Jay Z regarding a buyout. The hope of a Samsung buyout is that it would enable Tidal to continue to grow its user base. These talks are between Desiree Perez and the leadership at Samsung as she is a key figure in the acquisition. In addition to Samsung, Google and Spotify are eyeballing Tidal as a potential acquisition target.

Desiree Perez has been a close associate to Jay Z for nearly 20 years. Her husband runs Roc Nation Sports, and she runs SC Enterprises. She is there building relationships with artists, and the hope is that she can help make Tidal a profitable company again. She also wants to see that Tidal is able to stand the test of time and be around for as long as possible. Jay Z trusts her wisdom and leadership as she provides the business acumen that a company like Tidal needs to stay afloat. This is a direct result of Tidal being an underdog. There have been multiple management changes in the company, but Jay Z is still motivated to keep the company around especially now that he has the assistance of Desiree Perez.

Norka Luque is Not Afraid to Pursue Her Dreams

Latin Music, Musicians

Millions of guys and girls post videos on YouTube. They want to be discovered and taken to new heights as singers. There are also lots of people that are signing up for shows like American Idol and The Voice because they want to be taken seriously as a singer.
Norka Luque did not choose any of these methods, but she has still managed to become an artist in her own right. She was discovered by Emilio Estefan, and she has been wowing crowds with voice and charming spirit.

She has become someone to watch because there is a Grammy-winning producer, Emilio Estefan, that is attached to her project. It could have been easy for Norka Luque to let music take a back sit in her life. Luque could have done something completely different. She already has degrees in other areas. Norka could do something else with her life right now because she had degrees in marketing and fashion. It was a choice that she made to leave the business world behind and pursue her solo career to the fullest.

It was when Norka was part of a band that she started to get some buzz from fans about her voice. She would eventually get discovered by someone like Estefan and this would be the start of a beautiful relationship. He had the producers. He had some writers. These were the things that she would need to make her sound come to life, but she had to have the desire. Emilio could not give her the desire. She had to have this for herself. It is evident that she does have the drive and desire because she has released a strong single like “Milagro.” She also hit the charts with “TomorrowLand.” It is her passion to move to the next level that makes people take notice of her.

Norka has even been presenting herself on social media. This is something that a lot of new stars fail to do. Luque, however, has continued to stay in touch with the fans. She has performed at Billboards parties and she has been on television to talk about her music. This is all a part of her ability to market herself. This shows that she was not afraid to dream and dream big. It shows that anyone can make it if they have a will that is strong enough to overshadow all the fears.

How Norka Luque Made It to the Top

Latin Music, Musicians

Norka Luque is an accomplished international musician who traces her roots to Venezuela. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and grew up in the Latino capital City. Her love and passion for music started at a tender age and she started participating in various singing competitions. Her passion convinced her parents to pay for extra voice practice, piano, flamenco, and ballet lessons. However, the lessons were on condition that she did not neglect her academic education.

Schooling in France

After high school, Norka travelled to France in pursuit of higher education. She took up an International Business degree. However, she continued singing and eventually joined a French band by the name Bad Moon Rising, Funk and Rock. She became the band’s soloist and appeared in many singing platforms allowing her to hone her performance and singing skills.

Return to the U.S.

Upon her graduation, Norka returned to the United States and took up further singing lessons at an art studio that also offered courses in culinary arts and fashion. Her luck soon changed when she met one of the most beloved and accomplished music producers in the U.S., Emilio Estefan Jr. In fact, their meeting was by chance because they met when Norka had gone to the studio for her lessons and Emilio was present.

Not one to waste a chance, she met Emilio and arranged to present some of her musical materials at the Crescent Moon Studios the next week. She impressed the producer and he agreed to work with her, but asked her to finish all her singing lessons.

International Music Career

Together, Emilio and Norka, worked on her song selections and produced several hit singles including “As you do,” “Miracle,” and “Tomorrowland.” Her songs have featured in several charts including the Record Report. Her song “Miracle” gained her international stardom status because of its powerful message of hope and amazing mixture of reggae and Caribbean sounds, with traces of Mediterranean beats.

Norka has said that working with Emilio Estefan was an amazing experience that allowed her to learn a lot from the producer. She revealed that Emilio was a team player who always listened to her input before making a decision.

Today, the accomplished musician is thankful to her parents and fans for their support. She continues to produce powerful music that inspires hope in her fans. Her own personal struggles with her weight and music have turned her into a musical phenomenon and a wonderful person.

Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation

Activism, Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen has is so committed the international human rights that he works nearly around the clock year round. Halvorssen is founder and president of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, which he started in 2005. He is half Norwegian and half Venezuelan and descends from a long line of political movers and shakers on both sides. Two primary ideals that have remained important to almost every one of these people is human rights and individual liberty. Commitment to these things has also become very personal to Halvorssen: His father was tortured after exposing corruption in the Venezuelan government and his mother was shot at a human rights demonstration.
The incident with his mother and father are the biggest personal motivators for his drive for human rights, but his cousin is also unjustly imprisoned in Venezuela. Above all, Halvorssen has a commitment to help and deep love for all people. Halvorssen had appointed Vaclav Havel as chairman of Human Rights Foundation. After Havel died in 2011, he replaced him with Garry Kasparov. This has been a very hands on role both for Kasparov and Halvorssen. They have both endured many beatings and physical trials for the cause of human rights.

Thor Halvorssen has also been in some incredibly sticky situations and managed to get himself out of them. He has been involved and continues to be involved in some of the most biggest human rights infringements throughout the world. However, his biggest passion has always been opposition to left-wing Latin American dictators. He has been criticized for his defense of right-wing groups and his fight against left-wing politicians in an industry where the left-wing principle of tolerance is so important. Halvorssen does insist the he is a liberal, but a classical liberal.

But being right or left isn’t that important an issue to Halvorssen. He goes after human rights violations wherever they are found. Most of the politicians he has opposed just happened to be left wing. Halvorssen just guides the ship that is the Human Rights Foundation and its staff of 12 employees. But although they are smaller than other human rights organizations, they usually have bigger international projects.

Securus helping customers save money and time using the automated inmate forms and grievance application

Video Visitation App

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The company recently announced how it is saving its customers time and money in real time only by implementing the Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs. Russell Roberts, the Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Securus, says that the company is committed to providing the latest technology and features for their customers. The company is modernizing their customers with the latest and most effective technologies, and an example of this is the Inmates Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs.


The company has noted that most of the correctional facilities use paper forms for inmate requests such as medical, grievances, sign up forms and many others. The correctional officers have to spend time then distributing the forms and later on collect them, copy, file, archive, and respond to them. All of this has been eliminated by Securus. Customs forms for any request can be created easily and made available to the inmate. There is no printing involved such that even if you want to change a form, it will take a few minutes. According to Securus, they are processing and automating 13.8 forms a month per inmate. This is saving the correctional officers time and energy getting them to concentrate on more serious issues like safety and security of the facility.


This is beneficial to the inmates too because they can view the status of their forms or grievances and they can also appeal and accept them easily.


ConnectUs is the best feature-rich inmate platform that is on the market today. It allows inmates access to a set of unlimited applications that are designated and allowed by each correctional facility. This new platform allows inmates access to features that were not available before, and it also controls and governs the content that is available to the inmates and when it is available. The platform also allows inmates to communicate with other inmates more efficiently. This interface can be used in any country because it is available in many different languages



The Advantage of Having Content Syndicated

Tech News

If there is one thing that could work to the advantage of an online marketer when it comes to online reputation management, it is getting content syndicated. However,, this can prove to be a really tough act for one to do all by himself. It takes a lot of time to syndicate the content that is created. As a result, the syndication might be put off for other aspects of business that may be deemed more important. Therefore, it is a better idea to automate the syndication of content. Business runners already have a lot of other tasks to deal with.
There is another option besides hiring someone to syndicate content. There is the automated syndication software. There are websites and services that offer automatic syndication of content. One example of a service is IFTTT. It is also very easy to set up an account with IFTTT. All that needs to be done is to fill in the information like with other sites that require the user to sign up. Then every social media account that the user has is to be linked to the service. After that, all that needs to be done is for the person to create new content. Once the content is released, it is automatically sent to different platforms. This is very powerful when it comes to online reputation management as well.

Syndication of content is nothing new. For one thing, a lot of sites that accepted content would have some of the content syndicated because of good writing. There were other forms of syndication for other content. Either way, syndication has proven to be very helpful for online marketers that are trying to get their business off the ground. With syndication, one could also gain a high page rank for his content. As a result, any bad news that is released about the person or his company will be buried quickly in the search results.


The Light of Kabbalah

Religion, Spirituality

In Kabbalah, it’s all about the Light, which is what they call the essence of God. They believe that the Light is here in the world and that the ultimate paradise is here in the world with the infinite Light. This Light brings fulfillment. Kabbalah is about personal growth and consciousness. It teaches that all aspects of life stem from the same tree.

All of Kabbalah’s teachings are centered around fulfillment. It’s an ancient way of life in a modern world. Kabbalah applies to all faith journeys no matter what religion. It is not a religious denomination, rather it complements other religions in a journey of personal fulfillment. The roots of Kabbalah are in Judaism.

Kabbalah is an esoteric religion, esoteric meaning that it is an unconventional way of thought in Western Society. Being unconventional doesn’t mean it’s wrong, in fact the teachings work with almost any religion. Kabbalah tries to get deeper than God, into the very essence of God himself. Kabbalah is often called the teaching of a secret.

The Kabbalah Centre, founded in 1922, is located in California, and they offer local and online resources. It has locations in over 40 cities worldwide and they provide Kabbalistic teaching across the world. They are staffed with a multiethnic staff and have international students. The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization whose aim is to help students live a better life according to the principles of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre doesn’t try to steer people away from other religions but rather supplements other religions. It teaches that all religions are part of universal wisdom. They teach students the basic principles of Kabbalah and how that can impact their lives. They have curriculum based on the Zohar, which is a book of Kabbalistic thought, and Kabbalistic teachings.

More information for The Kabbalah Centre:

Top Digital Marketing Agency; White Shark Media

Digital Marketing

The rise of technology has led to the growth of digital marketing agencies across the world. Companies are competing to be the very best in the field, and White Shark Media has not been left behind. White Shark is a digital marketing agency that was established in the year 2011 after three Danish men with experience and expertise on matters to do with online marketing came together.

The primary purpose of creating White Shark was to offer businesses and individuals marketing services through online platforms such as Disqus. It works in close collaboration with medium sized businesses, and this enables them to grow and expand their services to clients in North America.

White Shark Media is a preferred media agency because of the world class services it offers its customers. It has successfully cultivated a good working relationship with its clients by ensuring that they get the very best. The company also provides that at all times its clients get what they request when doing their online marketing campaigns.

In addition to giving its customers the very best, White Shark Media Review team has dedicated itself to ensuring that it’s open to customer’s suggestions and contributions. This dedication, in turn, enables them to improve its service provision. Through its website, it has received complaints from customers that allow them to correct any mistakes, and this has helped it receive positive ratings. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Its customer’s review section has also enabled it to track its performance. Reviews can be found on Through a recent survey by Topseos, it is praised for having a good client retention.

It has managed to keep its customers since its inception. reports that its retention rate is currently at 8-10%. It also has its Google Plus page,, where it has succeeded to build a good client base and also promote its services online. The page offers any interested individuals and small-medium sized businesses what White Shark offers.


The company regularly updates its followers on how to carry out their AdWords campaigns, why they should use White Shark as a marketing agency and more about online marketing. One of the co-founders of White Shark, Andrew Lolk gives a quick review of what the company offers by stating that they have the experience and expertise to provide online marketing services.

It also helps medium-sized businesses transform their websites to be more e-commerce friendly. White Shark has risen to be among the best digital marketing agencies and the recent awards and reviews prove this.