Focusing on Education, Solvy Changes Lives


In a Flickr group of pix, Alexei Beltyukov is a doctor turn venture capitalist looking to help Russian startup companies. He received his Doctrine in medicine with distinction in 1994. Three years later, he went to INSEAD to get his Master’s in Business Administration. In addition to his degrees, he boasts a Singularity University Executive Program Certification and a Stanford University Building a Successful Business Program Certification.

Working his way up to founding his multiple businesses, Alexei Beltyukov started out as an Associate of McKinsey and Company, where he co-authored the Russian rail system. He worked with them for five years and then moved on to become the Vice President at Brunswick Capital.

After several years with Brunswick Capital, he became the CEO of the Renova Project. All of these jobs lead him to becoming a Founder and managing partner of A-ventures, a management company that helped young web companies in the UK become successful.

Alexei sold A-ventures and began to focus on SOLVY, an American based company out of San Francisco that focuses on helping teachers reach students while simultaneously making their lives easier through homework creation and completion online. He has several other businesses he is making an impact in.

INSEAD was where Alexei Beltyukov found his passion. He was the first recipient of the Lister Vickery scholarship, which allowed him to get through school and support his family. It is because of other’s help that he began to appreciate the value of a good education.

To show his appreciation, he spent four years at the university helping other MBA students build their business, as well as starting a scholarship program for Russians looking to become INSEAD students.

He still works with the Russian government assisting them with the Skolkovo Foundation which provides different grants and opportunities to technologist startup companies and those looking to expand.A man who started out as a doctor and took the opportunity to become a businessman made a decision that changed his life. Through his education, he is trying to do the same for others.

Lots Of No-Poo Choices, But WEN By Chaz True Pioneer

Hair Care Results

When a brilliant idea launches, and the product has caught on in a huge way, competitors notice and then try and dupe the item.

Take for example, WEN hair care. Longtime celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, created the concept of the no lather shampoo system back in 1993. The genius of the brand exploded on to the scene, and women were finally happy that someone really took interest in the health of their hair.

Years later, and now there are plenty of duped WEN By Chaz rip-offs available, but the genuine pioneer remains Chaz Dean. There are reasons why. As a famous hair stylist, Chaz Dean was aware of the chemicals being added to most shampoos and conditioning products on the market. Sulfates were making hair full of frothy lather, but at the same time, weakening and stripping the hair.

Chaz Dean developed the WEN system and brought nature back into the beauty mix. He blended amazing ingredients like botanicals, herbs and extracts. These nourishing, vitamin-packed cleansing conditioner formulas bathe hair strands from root to end, restoring strength and super shine to hair of any type and texture.

When you’re washing with WEN By Chaz, you don’t need a lather or nasty sulfates invading your hair follicles. His luxurious, creamy formulas are the right touch for hair in any condition, at any age. He even makes Wen Kids cleansing conditioners, so you know his formulas are natural, safe and gentle.

When you think about it, Chaz Dean’s WEN brand has changed the way the world cares for hair. People don’t have to choose chemical by-products stuffed into their shampoos and conditioners. They can stand up, choose to be healthy and get hooked on the no lather shampoo system.

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Handy Now Does The Cleaning In My Home That I Can’t Do

Cleaning Services

I have to leave my windows open because running the air conditioner runs my light bill up too high. Leaving the windows open means that I get a lot of dirt and debris from outside on my floors and carpets, which means I have to do a lot of vacuuming and cleaning every couple of days. I’ve been having problems with my back, so cleaning my home was no longer something I could do, so I had to call on the help of Handy workers. Handy has made all the difference in how I clean my home, but at least it gets done when I need it.

I’ve had so many Handy appointments ( to clean my home that I can’t calculate them, but they’ve all ended in a positive experience. I’ve had no problem letting in anyone who works for Handy because of the fact that they have their background checked, so I know that I’m dealing with honest people. I’ve never had anything stolen, nothing has gone missing, my items have never been damaged, and the work is always finished when I deal with Handy for my cleaning services. I don’t think I could say the same thing about other cleaning services out there.

Many tend to be afraid when a business is as big as Handy and located in many cities, but the fact is, they are as professional as they come. I’ve used other cleaning services in the past for temporary work, and I can’t begin to mention how bad the service was or how bad the experience was. I like that I’m able to pay for the service that Handy gives me ahead of time by using my debit card online. I know exactly when the Handy workers are coming and what work they’ll do, which makes the whole process that much easier for me.


Malini Saba’s Investment and Career Profile

Business Partnership, Women

Malini Saba is a well-known investor and philanthropist living in the United States but born to Sri Lankan parents. She the founder and chairman of Saban, a firm she started and still retains various investment interests across the world. Her dealings include real estate in India and Australia, gas and oil in China, and technology firms in the U.S.A.


Malini Saba’s Investment Journey


Malini is a world-class investor and entrepreneur who began her career as a silicon venture capitalist in the 1990s. Malini has broad knowledge and experience in investing in over twenty technology firms which include Netscreen, Juniper Networks, and Sycamore among others. She has a passion for philanthropy, and that is what propels her success. Malini thought ahead of globalization and considered to invest beyond the U. S and expanded to South America and Asia. She invested heavily in commodity firms with her most successful being in the gas and oil industry.


The formation of Stree Global Investment


Malini Saba formed a non-profit company in 2001. Her company, Stree Global Investments is focused on changing the lives of disadvantaged women and children across the globe. She seeks to help them recognize their role in the society. The company attracted the interests of Bill Clinton, the former U.S President who also presided over its launch. Through this organization, women and children get access to quality healthcare, offer a platform for a grassroots movement, and legal empowerment. It connects people with public policy in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Malini Saba and Her Philanthropy Works


Malini made a donation of one million dollars to jump-start the creation of a world-class Heart and Research Unit for South Asia. The project was at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California. She toured Sri Lanka and India when a Tsunami struck and pledged another $ 10 million to the victims of the tragedy.


The commodity market is what excites Malini the most. She observes that even though the industry is unpredictable, it brings in high returns and just like in real estate, you must flow with the current. Malini is not afraid of taking risks. She has dared to invest in countries don’t tread and believes that if an individual has factual information, and researched well, they must move swiftly. She encourages other entrepreneurs to be risk takers and think differently to make it in the investment industry.


Malini Saba‘s major influence is Steve Jobs who she says was a fighter who stood his ground. Even after his company threw him out, he came back stronger and made it what it is today. Malini says it takes self-belief and vision to see and walk the path.

Adam Goldenberg Uses Great Decision Making To Build Clothing Membership Company


It looks like for LA CEO wunderkind, Adam Goldenberg, has yet another success with his latest business venture. That company is JustFab and it has seen some great growth since it was first founded by Goldenberg and his partners in 2010. The company has been a success for a couple reasons. The first being the innovative business model and the second being the practical knowledge and expertise that the founder brings to running the business.

In 2010, Goldenberg saw the success that VIP membership shopping companies were having. He thought “why couldn’t that work in the fashion industry?”. That’s what led him to found the company JustFab. JustFab is a VIP membership company that is dedicated to bringing its customers great deals on clothing and fashion accessories.

Members of the company’s service pay a membership fee on This payment can be made monthly or on a yearly basis. It is whatever is best for the customers. Sometimes the membership can be more affordable if it is all bought at once and paid for on a yearly basis. Members of the website will receive huge discounts on different fashion items. Goldenberg has partnered with a lot of popular brands to make the company’s services very desirable for just about any consumer. The ingenious business model of JustFab is the cornerstone of its success. The company couples its great sales with some top-notch funding. The company raised over 50 million in revenue last year alone. The success can also be attributed to the experience of its founder as well.

Read more: TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC

Goldenberg has used that experience to guide his actions more than ever. He understands that importance of metrics more than ever after learning and growing from his past two successful companies on He has the intelligence to know when to stick with a product that is working. He also has the wisdom and lack of ego to abandon a product or idea that he may have had if it is not performing as well as he had hoped that it would. This is a skill that a lot of young CEOs have not yet developed.

Goldenberg cultivated these skills through his last two successes. The first was the gaming network “Gamer’s Alliance”. This was his first notable company. He built it and sold it in 1999 before starting the brand incubator “Intelligent Beauty”. He ran the brand incubator until 2010 when he founded the clothing membership company at

Billy McFarland Brings a Dream Into Reality

Black Card, New York Harbor

Billy McFarland is living a dream, one which has been percolating within him for a long time. At the tender age of 13, he started a company that linked prospective clients with a local service company, and he was successful.

As a college freshman at Bucknell University, he started a company called Spling which fashioned URLs into a graphical mosaic which gave a colorful and well-received image to a bland letters and numbers URL The company is still a profitable venture, with Billy McFarland continuing at the helm as CEO.

In 2013 McFarland birthed Magnises, the company for millennials. This venture has been wildly successful because it struck a chord with up-and-coming managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. The secret to all of this progress is the Black Card. The Black Card works just like a credit or debit card. In fact, it copies the data on the member’s cards and it can be used as such. Only this time, the Black Card not only processes the charge, but it does it at a very nice discount.

This is great because the restaurants, bars, clubs, fitness centers, travel opportunities and events are where the millennials are spending their leisure time anyway. The discount is a real boost towards membership, but other perks are coming to the forefront all of the time.

Recently, the Tesla company invited a group of members to the race track for a tryout of some of Tesla’s new cars. Another company sponsored a “booze cruise” out in the New York Harbor, with a candlelight dinner in the moonlight as a touching finale.

Membership in Magnises is a reasonable $250 annually with all the bells and whistles, perks and privileges available at the convenience of the member. The demographic focus is centered upon professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers in the 21 through 35-year-old age groups.

Millennials like to hang out together so they can meet new people like themselves and get to know how others are handling similar situations. They love to talk about themselves, yet are anxious to find out what other people are doing about similar situations.

With over 10,000 members at the end of 2015, it looks like Magnises is on the way to a successful reality. Billy McFarland has truly made his dream a reality, which is likely to continue for a very long time.

The U.S. Money Reserve

US Money Reserve

The U.S. Money Reserve, which was founded in 2001 is a private distributor of the U. S, and foreign government issued silver, gold, and platinum in the form of legal tender products. The money reserve aids the thousands of people in the country to diversify their assets which consist of precious metals in the form of gold and silver coins.
Their professionals are experts in their field and strive to find the products that will yield the highest profit for the buyers.

Recently the U.S. Money Reserve won four awards at the 20th Annual Videographer Awards for their work. Two of these awards were for TV Commercials for products and Creativity for TV Cinematography. The infomercial for the award was the “Testimonial Show” which featured actual U.S. Money Reserve clients giving testaments. One of the participants in the show was Richard Petty, a well-known NASCAR driver, who is an avid gold buyer.

The remaining two awards were the Award for Distinction plus an honorable mention for “Pearl Harbor” Winning these awards gained a lot of esteem for the creative teams who worked hard to be a winner.

The gold market veterans who founded the U.S. Money Reserve recognized the need to be able to combine expert knowledge of the market, and extremely trustworthy advice that is necessary when their clients are investing in precious metals. They wanted to be able to offer top level service to their customers. They now work with hundreds of thousands of people who have the financial benefits that owning precious metals can produce.

In July of 2016 at the 37th annual Telly Awards they were awarded the Bronze for their TV spot, “Philip Diehl IRA.” Philip Diehl is the president of U.S. Money Reserve and a former U.S. Mint Director. He was interviewed by Enterprise Radio which is a talk show for small business owner’s, entrepreneurs as well as top level executives, where they can share their ideas in creativity, strategies, their products and their experiences in the business world. During the interview, they discussed Philip Diehl’s background in leadership technology and the future of the gold market.

The U.S Money Reserve, has this year, implemented a self-directed IRA program in precious metals. This program will allow their clients to protect their wealth for their retirement by holding physical gold. They will also be able to benefit from rises in gold prices with this program.

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How Madison Capital Is Shaping the Investment Market

Investment Firms

Investment banking is one of the most tempestuous business to put your money on. To start with, there are so many traditional banks to worry about especially if you are a startup. It is, therefore, crucial to think your idea over before translating it to business. As a result, you might just save yourself a lot of headache and money lose. Many aspiring business people require from financial advisors to ensure that they get the best investment advice. Many organizations are going into hedge fund business due to the lucrative returns they offer their investors. However, to get the best value for your money you need to know the best companies to invest in.


Organizations like Madison Street capital’s reputation as one of the leading organization in financial advisory services is unparalleled. Madison Street Capital has been in the hedge fund industry for sometimes now, and the experience that comes with it is invaluable.


According to the Madison capital’s hedge fund Industry M&A overview, there was a significant rise in the number of hedge funds deals done in the year 2015 as compared to the ones that got closed in 2014. There were several drivers resulting in the increase in transactions especially in the last quarter of the year 2015. The key to the rise in the business deals was the continuous increase in assets regardless of the poor performance of hedge fund activities in the year 2015. Secondly, investors are scrutinizing the company they intend to invest in very well before deciding to spend. As a result, the business that didn’t offer any lucrative deals were being left behind.


However, the only negative to be reported was less established hedge fund managers were less attractive to investors. As a result, they lagged behind regarding growth. The cost of operation across everyone on board is very high. As a result, many organizations are on the lookout for cost cutting strategies.


Despite the struggles in the hedge fund business, Madison Capital continues to thrive. It was instrumental in the business deal that saw Dowco acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. The organization has been at the forefront of making business deals happen. The deals have only served to bolster its reputation as a giant financial advisor.


The hedge fund giant is based in Chicago, Illinois stock has recent so much in the recent past. As a result, the organization has garnered a nomination in the 15th Annual M& A Advisor Awards for financial organizations. The award is held in the same breath among financial institutions as the Grammy Awards in the movie industry. Being in the list only serve as a way of showing how big the organization is.

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Livio Bisterzo Introduces New Healthy Snack


Livio Bisterzo is the chief executive officer of the famous Green Park Brands. Not long ago, he partnered with a team of professionals to make a snack that was better and healthier for the consumer. They worked hard and pushed the boundaries until they got a product known as Hippeas. The snack is organic, and it contains chickpea puffs that are considered to be gluten free. The snack has one hundred calories per pack, and it has a good amount of fiber. Hippeas contains three grams of protein too.

Livio Bisterzo says that he had to work extremely hard to come up with a reliable snack that would suit the socially and health conscious consumer. The team also wanted to ensure that the snack delivered regarding taste too.

After its introduction in the market, Hippeas was recognized as the latest healthy product to join the assortment of grab and go snacks from Starbucks. At the moment, there are only two flavors of the snack that are available: the Vegan White Cheddar and the Far Out Fajita. The products can be found in the seven thousand, five hundred Starbucks locations in the United States.

Bisterzo, the businessman behind the healthy snack, has been in the natural and health industry for more than seven years. He is considered to be one of the individuals with a lot of expertise in the food industry. In 2015, he began working with one of the most popular food innovation companies in the country to create Hippeas. The team had to do several rounds of product consumer testing and development, and they landed on a great product at the end of the day.

At first, the team had to work with the chickpeas as the main ingredient in the snack. The second step was getting the right taste, shape, bite and texture of the snack. The team knew that they had to come up with a product that wasn’t steering away from what the customers are used to. Hippeas had to be good enough so the customers will be proud when picking the snack from the supermarket shelf.

After the introduction of Hippeas, many clients have come out to express their gratitude. Most of them are happy because the new snack gives them the taste and healthy benefit they are looking for. The snack has a great reception in the market, and the businessman will make huge profits at the end of the day.

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James Dondero’s Challenge Grant Will Change Lives

Highland Dallas Foundation, Mike Rawlings

This year, James Dondero, Founder and CEO Of Highland Capital Management gave what is known as a “challenge grant” to The Family Place, an organization that helps victims of family violence. The Dallas organization received $1 million dollars to help them reach their goal of $16.5 million to complete their most recent campaign known as the Legacy Campaign. The organization was in need of the final $2.8 million needed by April 2017 to finalize the details of their expansion. Learn more about James Dandero:

This announcement was made by Dondero himself on October 4th, at an annual luncheon held by The Family Place. The grant comes to The Family Place through the arm of Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., the arm of HCM that focuses on giving to charitable organizations.

According to Inside Monkey, James Dondero announced that they would match 50 percent of funds up to $1 million dollar until the deadline on April 2017. Since October 4th, the organization has been able to raise an extra $200,000 for the campaign, and that will be matched with $100,000 from the challenge grant from Dondero’s organization.

The grant is a great way to help the campaign end on the high note as they continue in their endeavor. There are two individuals that have been instrumental in helping this campaign go further. Mayor Mike Rawlings and Chief of Police David Brown are both interested in helping the community turn things around and dial down the violence on in an attempt to help families grow strong.

Dondero was confident in furthering this campaign because he feels that the civic community of Dallas works hard to accomplish great things together.

James Dandero shared that the campaign was directed strong and that The Family Place did a great job at taking the initial idea and building a successful campaign with it. Dondero said, “We are proud to invest alongside many of the most generous and thoughtful in the community.”

Highland Capital Management was founded by Dondero in 1993 along with his partner Mark Okada. With nearly $6 billion in assets under management, HCM is one of the most successful asset management companies in the country.