Wealth Solutions Helps Investors Park Their Money In The Right Place

Investment Advice

Wealth Solutions is the brainchild of Richard Blair, and it is a labor of love for the investor who needs to have a guiding light in their life. Richard Blair wants to help people learn about investing in a way that works for them, and he is committed to the retirement dreams of all his clients. There is something different about his company that makes it the perfect place for people to come when they need help with their retirement goals.

Richard Blair started the company not long after graduating from business school, and he has been building up a resume that makes him the perfect person to work with. Anyone who has issues with their retirement funds can come to Richard Blair for help, and he will continue to help anyone who is in his clientele. He is a great resource for people who have wealth to manage whether it is a lot or a little, and they can trust in how he is going to help them save their money. Money that is saved with Wealth Solutions is going to help people live well in the future.

Wealth Solutions is a great place to come when people need to move their funding around to different places. Retirement funding needs to be as diverse as possible, and Richard Blair makes sure that all his clients feel like they have the most diverse portfolio possible. Richard Blair is the best person to come to for assistance, and he helps in ways that other investment advisors cannot.

Richard Blair wants to know the very specific goals from all his clients, and he is going to stick to those goals until the clients want to change them. Clients who come to Wealth Solutions are going to get the best service they can find, and they are going to feel really good about how it works for them. Every client is going to see a report of how their investments are doing, and it is going to be a great thing for people who want to make sure they are ready when it is time to retire. Richard Blair takes care of every client, and he provides and education that no other firm can provide.

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More and More Entities are Learning the Value of Reputation Management

Digital Marketing, Public Relations

The University of California Davis has invested a lot of money trying to fix its online reputation in the fallout of the notorious pepper spray incident in 2011. The incident involved campus police using pepper spray against students, and the public relations fallout was immense.

UC Davis wants to fix its reputation and is paying out $175,000 to reputation firms to correct things.

Some might be very curious as to why UC Davis would spend so much money to address a controversy from 2011. Wouldn’t people have forgotten about it by now?

In a speech at a major marketing convention, Darius Fisher stated that problems no longer go away or become forgotten due to Google. Google indexes news reports and that is where they remain until something is done to shake up the search engine rankings. Fisher speaks the truth here because Google is not going to alter its rankings until something is done to replace the current results.

Darius Fisher is probably the most well-known name in the world of reputation management. Currently, he runs Status Labs from his position as president of the firm. Fisher draws on a lot of personal and professional experience in public relations, digital marketing, and crisis management to run Status Labs in the best possible manner. He has surely been successful as Status Labs has grown incredibly during his leadership tenure.

More and more people in the private and public sector are coming to the understanding reputation management is a necessary component of modern internet marketing.

UC Davis’ hiring of a reputation management firm reveals the higher education world knows the value of maintaining a pristine reputation. Educational institutions are not the only entities embracing reputation management. Political ones are as well.

Politicians and people running for office realize they have to proactively fix their online reputation. Even absent a reputation crisis, politicians and political workers should make sure search engine results reflect positive – totally positive – material. Again, reputation management can be proactive and not always reactive. In truth, being proactive is usually a better strategy since actions may deflect damage if a crisis arises. Follow Darius on Twitter for more news and information.

Abelow Maintains Legal Skills by Staying Current with Legal News


Ross Abelow is a New York attorney specializing in family and matrimonial law. With decades worth of experience, Abelow is easily able to find the hidden agenda of all contracts, and has helped countless people avoid harmful loopholes and penalties. This skilled attorney is not made of stone, though, and actually has a quite soft side.

His ability to perform hands-on activities is the very reason he is as successful as he is as an attorney. His tireless efforts in the community allow him to hone in on his skills as he practices in New York. However, he does not limit his borders by only focusing on what is new in New York law, but stays current with recent law stories in all jurisdictions.

Microsoft has been fighting a war on privacy for years, but on April 14, 2016, they finally made a breakthrough in court. Essentially, the corporation filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department as a response to them obtaining warrants to read people’s emails, but not letting the person who wrote the emails know. Microsoft’s defense is that failure to show a person a warrant or give an explanation is a violation of both the fourth and first amendments.

In court, Microsoft representatives said that “Users have the right to know when the government reads their emails.” Their argument in defense of the fourth amendment is spot on because the amendment specifically states that people have a right to know if the government searches or seizes their property. Essentially, if a search warrant must be presented if law enforcement enters private property, why should digital information be exempt from the same courtesy?

While the ruling has yet to be made in favor or against Microsoft, it is essential that this case is understood as something far larger than just a lawsuit. The world has changed; It is a world heavily influenced by digital technology and the internet. The laws, however, are slow to make the same transition. In just under eighteen months, courts have issued over 2,600 orders stating that Microsoft and similar companies cannot disclose to users when search warrants are obtained to read their emails.

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Can’t Make It To Paris? Try JustFab For Stylish Clothing

Fashion Industry

Paris has long been known as the fashion capital of the world. The city is famous for its designers, fashion shows and numerous shops offering the latest trends. Shoppers can find some of the world’s most luxurious and unique clothes for sale at Paris. Yet, look beyond the established shops and well known designer names and you will find a whole hidden world of fashion teeming in Paris. Plus you may be able to score some great deals and uncover some stylish new clothes that you would have brushed by.

Jenny Bernheim, from WhoWhatWear recently shared some of her favorite off the beat areas to shop for in Paris. They include one of a kind shops such as GoYard Malletier, Azzedine Alaïa and Dries Van Noten. These shops contain clothes you literally won’t find anywhere else, but you will have to stray off the main road to find them.

Another kind of store that is worth checking out is the concept store. These are one stop Parisian stores that you can buy clothes, perfume, cologne, gifts and even a bite to eat. Examples of concept stores in Paris include Merci, The Broken Arm and L’Eclaireur.

Paris is also home to numerous indoor shopping areas. Some of these mall like shopping areas date back all the way to the 1800’s. Examples include Passage du Grand-Cerf and Passage Galerie Vivienne. These indoor, roof covered shopping areas are found in the corners of Parisian streets so you will have to do some serious hunting and walking to find them. They are well worth it however.

Started by famed actress Kate Hudson, Just Fab carries the latest and hottest trends from top brands. The best part of Just Fab is that the prices are all affordable. Another idea espoused by its founder Kate Hudson is that JustFab wants women to wear athletic wear that can also be worn casually.

Beneful Dry Food and Treats Deserve A Look

Treat Your Dog

Purinastore’s Beneful is a popular premium dog food available for sale in all kinds of different retail stores. The wet food selections bearing the Beneful name look more like home-cooked meals than dog food, and these wet foods absolutely are popular. Pet owners do not only buy wet meals, they purchase treats and dry foods. Beneful is never short on supply with these two selections.
Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals come with several different main course items. Beef, chicken, and salmon are the three choices. Beyond the main course, there are scores of additional ingredients that round out the taste and nutritional value. Salmon, in particular, comes with sweet potatoes, green beans & carrots. As Beneful points out, Originals with Salmon deliver “omega-rich nutrition”. Even more comes from the potatoes and vegetables.

Dogs do have to watch their weight. Or more accurately, dog owners have to monitor a pet’s diet to make sure the canine does not end up gaining too much weight due to overeating or eating the wrong things. Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Food helps owners out with this cause. The dry food is comprised of “chicken accented with apples, carrots & green beans”. These selections are low in calories and cutting back on calories does help with weight maintenance. The ingredients are also nutrient-rich, and this is very beneficial to the pet’s diet.

Beneful Dry Dog Foods Incredibites with Real Beef does what its wet food counterpart does: provide a nice supply of protein. Not many people would think peas are appropriate for dogs because canines are thought of solely as meat eaters. With all those nutrients, peas are a nice choice. All these products are available on Wal-Mart.

A dog’s eyes may open wide upon seeing the Healthy Smile Dental Twists Treats. These dog treats have a unique twisted appearance and they are filled with nutrients. Primarily, they are intended to help cut down on tartar and plaque buildup.
Learn more about Beneful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beneful

Brian Bonar Plans for Bellamy’s Restaurant in Escondido


The digital edition of San Diego Magazine from August 2013 featured a review by Troy Johnson of a new restaurant in nearby Escondido, Bellamy’s.

Escondido is located 30 miles from downtown San Diego, here the local economy has seen an influx of gourmet restaurants, helping to establish Escondido as an artful, funky alternative to dining in San Diego.

Escondido is now home to Bellamy’s and master chef Patrick Ponsaty, acknowledged as one of the state’s finest French chefs. The interior design of Bellamy’s is quite ordinary and disappointing; the signage was amateur and very disappointing, but the food was superb.

The owner and driving force behind Bellamy’s is Brian Bonar, who, along with his duties at Bellamy’s, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc.

Bellamy’s offers some of the finest food in San Diego, served by a top-notch staff. They, only, have to change the dining rooms and the signs to be equal to the cuisine, and Bellamy’s would become a winner.

Bonar was fortunate to be able to select and hire staff from one of his own personal favorite restaurants, El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

This restaurant was undergoing a total overhaul and the timing was perfect for Bonar. He was able to find experienced, competent pros, already used to serving clients at exclusive restaurants. Bonar, also, was able to recruit a talented, young cook, Mike Reidy, for the executive chef position at Bellamy’s.

But Bonar has a grander plan for the future. He intends to establish a huge restaurant complex on a 144 acre property in Bandy Canyon.

He wants to transform this large, grassy space into a luxurious four-star facility, housing another of his own signature restaurants.

Troy Johnson, the restaurant reviewer for the San Diego Magazine, was put off by the signage of Bonar’s Bellamy’s, but the food and the service were superb. And what, after all, is a good restaurant all about.

Market Wired Reports About Slyce’s New Partnership

Business Partnership

In October of 2015, Slyce signed an official agreement to work with Shoe Carnival Inc. in order to offer their high demand footwear on Slyce’s newly integrated visual search application. After several months of preparation, Slyce has officially launched the program to offer Shoe Carnivals various footwear items that range in demographic. Shoe Carnival has 400 stores across the United States that offer their products. They specialize in providing affordable, name brands of shoes for women, men and children. Slyce made this agreement with Shoe Carnival, and they made several other agreements with retailers in the past year to offer various products through their visual search platform.

Slyce’s Integrated Visual Search Platform

Image Recognition is making online shopping much easier, and Slyce is a company that is at the head of this industry, so they are working with several retailers to offer various products to consumers. Their platform offers everything from clothing to household items. They have capabilities of selling anything that consumers can take a picture of, making the environment that surrounds their users a virtual marketplace. Consumers can take a picture of anything in their environment, including pictures of other pictures and pictures of QR codes or barcodes. The app from Slyce is free to use, and it is easy to get the hang of using.

Also, this application saves valuable time for the consumer because they do not have to wait in line, and they do not have to hunt for items online anymore. The app benefits the merchant or retailers because they are moving products quicker. There is also the incentive for the consumer to get things shipped right to their door, and retailers spend less money running their stores.

There was an article that Market Wired published on NASDAQ’s website about Slyce’s image recognition app and new relationship with Shoe Carnival Inc. The article gives some valuable insight into how these companies will work together. Basically, Slyce is making it easier for consumers and Shoe Carnival to work together. They are providing an easier alternative to the traditional ways of shopping in person and online.

The Heldrich; A project By Devco

Real Estate Development

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority is said to have missed a vital payment of $1million in principal and interest to Casino Reinvestment Development Authority as payment of a loan advanced to them totaling to $20million. This report is not an isolated event with the Middlesex county reported to be in arrears for the past five years with loan penalties totaling to 7million.

The loan was taken in 2005 in a bid to fund The Heldrich, a hotel and conference center for a nonprofit organization New Brunswick Development Corporation. Senate President Stephen Sweeney is on record addressing the issue. Stating that ‘the Heldrich can be viewed as a paragon of what can be done when public dollars are funneled through private firms’. This is as reported by Press of Atlantic City; http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/breaking/unpaid-million-crda-loan-raises-questions-about-new-brunswick-devco/article_a03318e2-dcdb-11e5-a563-67611bc7b7bc.html

This remarks come in the wake of Atlantic City which is the sister project of Heldrich and takes the same model, with investments of over$200million expected to be taken from public and private financing. All in a bid to develop the city’s Chelsea section.

CRDA are set to recover from the loan, but this payment wil take much longer than expected because the Heldrich which first opened doors in 2007 is still struggling. The situation is so bad that the Hotel struggles to maintain its own capital expenses. The repayment process is further constrained by the fact that the loan documents indicate that the loan is to be paid from money generated from project revenues and after senior lien public bond holders are paid.

The CRDA Executive Director John Palmieri is on record addressing the issue sighting the loan repayment program as a bad business decision. This is because the projections of the money that were expected from the Heldrich upon its completion are yet to be met.