How To Pamper Your Pet With Beneful Pet Food

Love Your Pet

You want your pet to bed happy and healthy, but the abundance of food choices can make it hard to decide. If you want to feed your pet real meat and vegetables, protect their health, and provide that savory taste, Beneful is the industry leaders in nutritious and delicious pet food.
(4) Beneful Varieties Your Pet Should Try

Beneful Dry Dog Food

Beneful dry dog food is made with real meat and vegetables. Your dog will love the chunky bites and real food, like it’s from the table. It keeps your pet satisfied with every meal. Beneful dry food is packed with flavor that your dog will thank you for. Beneful provides salmon, chicken, and beef flavors. It is available for order online via Amazon.

Beneful Wet Dog Food

Beneful wet dog food [] comes loaded with tasty ingredients for your pet. They also come in smaller pieces for medium and small dogs. Your pet can enjoy carrots, wild rice, beef, and carrots. You’ll be promoting a healthy longer life for your pet.

Beneful Make-A-Meal

Pet lovers that choose Make-A-Meal from Beneful can determine their dogs size and the specific type of food that he likes to eat and create their own unique brand. Choose from a mixture of brown rice, barley, tomatoes, carrots, turkey, sweet potatoes, and your choice of meat. However, for a more nutrient based meal go without the meat. Either way, you’ll have a happy and satisfied pet at every meal.

Beneful Treats

Beneful has a variety of dog treats [] available that will improve your dogs teeth and keep him feeling rewarded with every treat. Your dog will love the real peanut butter taste. Beneful treats help improve their bones, teeth and freshen their breathe. You’ll love giving your pet a tasty treat. These products can be found on Wal-Mart supermarket and most pet supplies stores.

Hall Capital Management Adopts a Culture of Integrity


Hall Capital is among the largest and most successful companies in Bay Area. The firm has $ 24 billion assets together with strong returns that have attracted many admirers. According to the CEO Kathryn Hall, the company’s goal is to embrace work ethics and create a good working environment for its workers. Kathryn also believes that ethnic diversity and education are crucial tools that make the firm great besides making money for its clients.

Kathryn Hall works alongside Helane Morrison, the managing director and the firm’s chief compliance officer. The presence of the two executives is a strong showing of women’s capability to lead in the top ranks. The setup is also a display of women in top leadership as a natural part of the company’s goals to diversify its labor force. The firm has approximately 130 employees and a strong research team consisting of 20 people. Morrison believes that the company has made successful efforts aimed at upholding accountability, integrity and compliance among its clients and staff.

Helane Morrison is an active figure and partner at Hall Capital. She is a member of the team since 2007, and she is instrumental at ensuring the staff operates within the laws designed to govern the company. Before she joined Hall Capital, Morrison was the head of US Securities and Exchange Commission at the San Francisco Office from 1999. She was in charge of litigations and securities law enforcement in Northern California and the North West States. Morrison started practicing law in 1986 at Howard law firm in San Francisco.

Morrison is an active member of the society who goes out of her way to make a positive impact in everyone’s life. She spends part of her time as a periodic speaker on matters on compliance and other legal issues affecting the financial sector. She is also a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and Hedge Fund Committee of the American Bar Association. In 2012, Ms Morrison became part of a committee formed to help raise funds for needy people and educate people on effects of false advertisement on compliance laws.

Helane is a graduate of Northwestern University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.  She is one of the women who will not relent to ensure companies uphold integrity and diversity in their premises.

CCMP Capital Advisors CEO Stephen Murray Dies

CCMP Capital Advisors, Painful Lose

The late CEO of CCMP Advisors is remembered as a great colleague, family man and philanthropist. Stephen Murray, 52, died on Tuesday, according to the Wall Street Journal. The cause of death was not reported. Murray had taken a 2 month leave of absence for unspecified medical reasons.

“We are shocked and saddened by the passing of Steve Murray,” said interim CEO Greg Brennemann. “He was a tremendous asset to the company and will be sorely missed. Our condolences to his family.” Read more: CCMP Capital Resumes Business After Death of Stephen Murray and CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

He is credited with building the company into a private equity powerhouse. CCMP is one of the largest private equity companies in the world. Some of the portfolios acquired under Murray’s leadership include 1-800-Flowers, AMC Theater, Quiznos and Pinnacle Foods. Murry is also known for helping CCMP successfully outbid Blackstone Group LP and KKR & Company to get Warner Chilcott.

Now that Stephen Murray has passed on, reports are that investors hold the company’s fate. He was a key player in the majority of their major transactions. Without his guidance, many issues are up in the air. There is no word on how the company plans to proceed.

Stephen Murray graduated from Boston College and Columbia Business School. Not long after graduation, he successfully completed Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s credit analyst training program.

Over the years, the company went through a number of buyouts and acquisitions. After the company was acquired by JP Morgan, Murray became head of the company’s buyout business.

Murray was a big believer in giving back to the community. He supports many organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

Murray is survived by is wife, Tammy, and two children. No information has been released regarding funeral plans.