The Legacy of Naomi Campbell

Fashion Industry

Born in May of 1970 and beginning her international success in 1987, Naomi Campbell is one of the last true supermodels. To date, she has quite an impressive resume including, but not limited to, Versace, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Burberry, and Chanel campaigns. She has been known as a role model for women of color, fighting discrimination and becoming the first black model to appear on the cover of Time Magazine as well as French and Russian Vogue. She was also the first British Black model to grace the cover of British Vogue, and the first black model on British Vogue since 1966. In 1989, Naomi appeared on the cover of American Vogue’s highly-regarded September issue. She appeared on the cover of American Vogue again in 1992 alongside several other well-known “supermodels” of the era for the magazine’s one-hundredth anniversary issue. Not surprisingly, Naomi also has a respectable list of acting credits to her name, which include the film “Ali G Indahouse” in 2002, the modeling competition reality TV show “The Face” in 2013, and some majorly popular TV shows in the 80’s and 90’s such as “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” and “The Cosby Show.”  In 1994, Naomi Campbell attempted to write a novel entitled “Swan,” for which she used a ghost-writer named Caroline Upcher. Unfortunately, “Swan” was met with rather poor reviews upon it’s release. That same year, she also released an album entitled “Baby Woman,” which failed to reach US or British charts but was commercially successful only in Japan.

Discover the Achievements of Kenneth Goodgame

Business Partnership

Kenneth Goodgame performs his duties as the vice president and the chief marketing officer of the True Value Hardware Company. He studied at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. At the institution, he managed to graduate with a degree in marketing and finance. This knowledge that Goodgame gained while at the University has proved to be beneficial to him in his illustrious career. The education has enabled him to perform well in the management of profit and losses in various companies. For example, he has been a leading light in the transformation of True Value Company to a leading brand that is now recognized globally.

Goodgame is famous in operations management. His area of specialization is the creation of millions of dollars from original equipment manufacturer in various organizations. In his work, he combines merchandising with innovative marketing to achieve excellent results in the overall performance of the company. Goodgame started his career when he joined Hardline D28 product merchant. His principal duties at the company involved purchases, line reviews, assortment and pricing. At some point, he worked with John Deere where they participated in the execution of various projects.
He has previously worked for the Husky and Workforce lines where he improved the return on investment by more than 43 percent. During promotions, he sets up the products first and then runs the promotion whose purpose is to enlighten shoppers about the products. Goodgame has worked in Newell Rubbermaid where he implemented various strategies that facilitated speedy growth of the company.

Goodgame realized his greatest achievement when he invented a technology for the mob products. He later patented the technology. When dealing with retail stores, Goodgame is known to place more emphasis on the end cap. The end cap has proved to be critical in sales due to its influence in driving up the sales. When doing end cap, the products are placed at a point at the end of the aisle where they are visible to the customers. Goodgame has proved to be a multi talented person. He is a brand recognition leader and a very creative person.

Talk Fusion: Changing All The Rules

Business Partnership

When you have a product as popular and innovative as Talk Fusion, you are going to get a lot of people talking and a lot of people excited. That is exactly what Bob Reina has done. He is the type of person that has always had his pulse on what is going on around him. He is never caught playing from behind or left in the dark. In fact, he prides himself on being one step ahead of the game and ready for whatever is thrown at him. When he brought Talk Fusion to life in 2007, he noticed that the game was changing. Technology was becoming more popular than ever and people were using it to connect with one another in various ways. He saw that people were actually making a living by running a business at home.

Once he saw this, he knew he needed to create something that was going to be ahead of its time, ahead of the game, and ready for everyone to use. Talk Fusion does that, as it allows people to stay connected in whatever way they see fit. If they are interested in keeping in touch with family members, they can do that. Sometimes people are in long distance relationships and because of this, all they want to do is see the face of the person they love. With video email, you can send a personalized video email to the person you love and they can feel connected to you more than ever.

We can build connections, friendships, and relationships that last a lifetime and nothing can get in the way of them. If you want to start a business, you can use Talk Fusion for that. It is all for a low, low price and it is very easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or someone that is very tech savvy, Talk Fusion has it all for you and then some.

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Eric Pulier’s Journey towards Success

Business Partnership

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in enterprise technology. The entrepreneur, philanthropist, columnist, technologist, published author, and public speaker has founded more than 15 companies. Most venture capital groups have offered capital to the businesses that Eric has founded or co-founded. Some of the companies that Pulier has co-founded, founded, or funded include Service Mesh, US interactive, Desktone, Digital Evolution, and Akana.

Eric Pulier was brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey. His love for computers started when he was in fourth grade. He also started a computer database firm while in high school.

Mr. Pulier attended Teaneck high school and graduated in 1984. He joined Harvard University and studied BA, and graduated in 1988. While in college, he studied American literature, environmental studies, and computer science. He also authored PulierLeg, which was a weekly column that was published in the Harvard Crimson Weekly; which he was also an editor.

Three years after leaving college he moved to Los Angeles where he established People Doing Things (PDT). PDT addressed education, healthcare, and other issues through the use of technology. Three years later, he founded Interactive agency digital evolution. This was the company that merged with US Interactive LLC four years after its establishment. In 1997, Eric was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to develop the presidential technology exhibition. The event was held in Washington and was known as “The Bridge to the 21st century.”
Understanding Enterprise SOA
Manning Publications, 2005(with co-author Hugh Taylor)
The book gives readers an invaluable, missing integrated image of the issues and their interdependencies. After reading the book, you will understand how to offer services and how to perceive technology from a different angle. The content in the book is based on real companies and experiences. It explains how to make an SOA work.

Forbes Magazine, March 2012
The model has become a vital aspect for companies that want to innovate, survive and thrive under the current economic times.

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John Goullet: A True Leader

Business Partnership

When you are part on a leadership and advisory board, chances are that you are doing something right and have been for a while. What is a leader you might ask? To me, a leader is someone that is a friend to people but also a boss. That is a delicate line to follow, but if you can do it successfully, chances are that you will have many, many happy employees. At the end of the day, you have to remember that these are people and they need to be treated as such. They have lives outside of work and sometimes you need to be an ear to listen to them, help them, and guide them.

You also need to know when to let them know that they have to work to do and it is time to focus on the work at hand and get the job done in a timely fashion. You don’t want to be too mean, as if you are too mean, you will alienate your employees and that will cause them to be stressed out and tense. You also don’t want them to walk all over you and take advantage of you if you are too nice.

John Goullet knows how to lead a group of men and women and he knows how to be there for them at the right time, but he also knows when it is time to buckle down and get the job done in a timely fashion. This is a man that had his own company, Info Technologies, and it didn’t take them long to earn a profit of $30 million, as they would provide solutions to Fortune 500 companies as an IT staffing company.

A leader is also someone that you can look to during times of trouble and times of doubt, and you know they will have the answers and they will have a solution. You can count on them to come through, no matter what is thrown their way. There is a reason they look to him for advisement, as they know he will lead them down the right path.

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James Dondero, Philanthropy and Asset Management

Business Partnership

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P. This company is located in Dallas, Texas and focuses on asset management. Dondero has just made the decision to collaborate with local civic leader Linda Owen. Owen used to be The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation’s president. The goal behind this collaboration is to guide his company’s philanthropic efforts. Highland Capital Management’s charitable works are getting stronger and more in-depth by the day.

Owen is going to be Highland Capital Management’s charitable giving supervisor. She’ll work closely alongside The Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation is in charge of Highland Capital Management’s charitable giving finances.

James Dondero indicates that his company has realized that it requires a seasoned professional to oversee its charitable contributions. The company wanted to find a capable professional who could help make the most of its charitable goals and wishes. Dondero states that Owen is equipped with a strong history in establishing solid private and public collaborations in the city.

Dondero established Highland Capital Management back in the beginning of the nineties. He did so with the assistance of Mark Okada. Okada remains a strong force at the company. Dondero has been working in the equity and credit realms for more than three decades. His areas of concentration include distressed investing and high-yield investing. Dondero has a significant interest in the world of philanthropy. He regularly provides assistance to public policy, veteran’s affairs and educational causes.

Dondero is a University of Virginia alumnus. He completed his education at the Charlottesville, Virginia educational institution with the highest honors. He went to the McIntyre School of Commerce where he studied finance and accounting alike. Dondero is also a CMA, which is short for “Certified Management Accountant.” Because of that, he’s 100 percent permitted to employ his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) status. Dondero is a board member for MGM Studios and American Banknote. People often call him by his nickname “Jim.”

Plan Your Next Event At Bellamy For A Luxury Experience


San Diego magazine honored restaurant owner and founder Brian Bonar in a recent article and was adamant on highlighting the variety of cuisine available at his restaurant Bellamy. The goal is to change the ranch style home into an splendor of event space.

Bellamy offers the luxury space for any event especially catering to an oasis of food choices. They offer an array of gourmet cuisine that mimics no other. Customers have food selections that include monkfish wrapped in bacon and a special sauce served with your choice of sides.

Brian Bonar has hired top chef executive Patrick Ponsaty new to the Bandy Canyon area. He is arranging a menu that will satisfy almost everyone. He mixes a hint of several different ethnic backgrounds including Italian. It once housed the Croce’s restaurant and with the recent renovations customers get way more event space and a larger menu selection.

Bonar uhh s a Scotish business owner that knows how to combine good food and meaningful space. The corporate world isn’t afraid to admit that Bonar is a mover and a shaker and doesn’t hesitate to get things done.

Bellamy will cater to the social elite in San Diego. They offer the best food venture on the strip because he’s listened to the general public and build a restaurant and event center you can be sure of. The Escondido area will host the Bellamy with a French feel and cuisine. Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203

In fact, it’s in a great area that everyone can feel good about inviting their guests to. Modern Luxury reports Bellamy restaurant is one of the fastest growing restaurants in the San Diego area. If you can disern good taste you will love dining with them on their plush event area with scenic views.

Brian Bonar is well known for being a pillar of the community and he works very hard for the San Diego area with attention to detail. As a CEO he still works with the local community and giving to many charitable events.

His colleagues speak highly of Bonar’s business savvy and how quickly Bellamy has become popular. Bonar’s goal is to attract upward moving professionals. Brian Bonar continues to be the go to guy for many professionals in the San Diego area.

The recent renovations has created more space for anyone interested in hosting an event. Bellamy is new to the restaurant industry, but they’re making a huge name for themselves. Bonar contributes his success to customer service, great space, and the best food in the industry.

Are Chaz By Wen Products Worth The Hype?

Hair Care Trend

Anyone who has seen the YouTube infomercials know that Wen products are touted as all the rage. But are they really all they’re cracked up to be? If you read to the consumer reviews, they swear by the products, and claim they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Well editor Emily McClure was eager to find out.

McClure, who says she has very oily hair, was looking for a way to reduce the oil and get more volume. She decided to embark on a 7-day test to see if Chaz by Wen could do all it promised. First of all, the directions call a heaping helping of 16-24 pumps of the product. That’s a lot. But did it work?

According to McClure, the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint is what she chose. On the first few days, she noticed that her hair had less oil and even shed less. She also noticed that her hair had a great deal more body and shine. McClure admitted that there were both pros and cons to using the product. But overall, she would recommend it to others.

Chaz Dean is the creator of the Wen products. He has spent over 20 years in the beauty industry taking care of some of the most well-known head in Hollywood. Chaz wanted to create something special. It was his goal to help his clients get clean and bouncy hair without having to use 5 or 6 products. Chaz by Wen is a 5-in-1 product that replaces traditional hair products.

Chaz by Wen has hair cleanser, sculpting products and conditioners. Products can be found at many of the finer salons and on his own personal website. Customers can join a club that sets up auto shipments or just try out one or two at a time. According to Chaz’s biggest fans, you wont be disappointed with the results.

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JustFab Inc. shows growth in 2016 while Numerous Subscription start-ups fail to rise

Fashion Industry

The four billion users of JustFab Inc website will now enjoy low-priced handbags, yoga pants and footwear. The good news comes at a time when a subscription company like Beachmint has closed down. Birchbox terminated twelve percent of its workers just within last week for the second time this year.

JustFab Inc looks like the only subscription company that has survived the hard times. The company’s luck began last year when one billion dollars were fund-raised. In the beginning quarter of 2016, JustFab made a profit in a long time. It is estimated that this year the company will make $650 million, which will be $145 million more revenues from last year’s figures.

Adam Goldenberg, the co-founder of JustFab, is positive that the business is doing well this year. Golderberg also stated that they will announce a new company name this August. This change is in tandem with the recruitment of Todd Tappin, an expert in IPOs, as a Chief financial officer.

According to many retail analysts, including Sucharita Mulpuru, it is interesting how JustFab is getting better while similar companies are collapsing. Adam Goldberg said that they are heading toward IPOs, of course, but failed to state when. As well, he firmly stated that JustFab is more sustainable than other subscription start-ups.

Not only has it acquired its competitor, ShoeDazzle, and a kids brand, FabKids, but has also added a niche for women bags and shoes. Fabletics and FL2 brands are another bonus. As you can learn from the La Times page, JustFab Inc, now occupying a 120,000-square-foot office, is just starting up and is primed to go far.

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About JustFab Inc

JustFab Inc is a fully dynamic, forward-looking global fashion and lifestyle brand. It is based in Los Angeles, but it runs an enormous eCommerce website. Founded by Don Ressler along with Adam Goldenberg in March 2010, the company’s first president and creative director was Kimora Lee Simmons. In 2011, JustFab got a thirty-three million in funding from Matrix Partners. In 2012, it received seventy-six million more money from Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures and Intelligent Beauty. Source:

The funds were used for growth and expansion, which brought operations to Germany, Canada and UK. It has presence in Spain and France too. In addition to attracting celebrities like Elle, Blair Fowler and Avril Lavigne, JustFab has acquired a few more businesses. This includes FabKids, Fabshoes and ShoeDazzle. In 2013, July,

Norka Luque Is The Next Shakira According To Music Experts

Musicians, Venezuelans

There is something about Latin music that lifts the spirit and makes the body want to dance. Singers like Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Gloria Trevi, Natalia Jiménez and Ricky Martin have crossed over into the world of rock and roll, and they have turned American dance clubs into sizzling Latino-inspired hubs. Great singers withstand the test of time, so it’s hard for young, talented singers to break into the exclusive world of popular music. But one Venezuelan singer is making a name for herself in the music business because she has what it takes to sing with the best singers in the world. That young artist is Norka Luque, the Latino dance club sensation. Norka released her first single in 2011, and it immediately was a hit in the Latino dance clubs in Miami, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Norka’s second single, Milagro, hit #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and the song found its way into the mainstream dance clubs. Milagro stayed on top of the Venezuelan Music Charts for 14 straight weeks.

Norka’s story is a simple one. Her parents recognized her talent when she was five. She was cast in a Luis Miguel musical when she was eight. That was the year Norka fell in love with Shakira’s music because the musical featured Shakira’s music. Norka continued to study piano, and she took voice lesson through secondary school. Her parents sent her to France to study business administration. They knew Norka would need an education and a profession to fall back on if her dream of becoming a pop star faded. Norka Luque joined a small rock group called Bad Moon Rising while she was studying in France and that was the start of her career in dance clubs. The clubs around her school were filled when Norka and the band were booked to play.

Norka loved France, but she knew she had to move to the United States if she wanted to be discovered by a big-time record producer. After attending a Ricky Martin concert in 2006, Norka made the move to Miami, and she started singing in a club on South Beach. Emilio Estefan, the musical genius behind the Miami Sound Machine, heard Norka sing and decided to produce her first album. The first single from that album earned her a female vocalist of the year nomination in 2011. Her second single, Milagro, stayed on the Billboard dance charts for weeks. Norka is enjoying the fame she always wanted, but she hasn’t left her compassion and love for people behind. Follow Norka on Twitter @norka_music to learn more.