The Advantage of Having Content Syndicated

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If there is one thing that could work to the advantage of an online marketer when it comes to online reputation management, it is getting content syndicated. However,, this can prove to be a really tough act for one to do all by himself. It takes a lot of time to syndicate the content that is created. As a result, the syndication might be put off for other aspects of business that may be deemed more important. Therefore, it is a better idea to automate the syndication of content. Business runners already have a lot of other tasks to deal with.
There is another option besides hiring someone to syndicate content. There is the automated syndication software. There are websites and services that offer automatic syndication of content. One example of a service is IFTTT. It is also very easy to set up an account with IFTTT. All that needs to be done is to fill in the information like with other sites that require the user to sign up. Then every social media account that the user has is to be linked to the service. After that, all that needs to be done is for the person to create new content. Once the content is released, it is automatically sent to different platforms. This is very powerful when it comes to online reputation management as well.

Syndication of content is nothing new. For one thing, a lot of sites that accepted content would have some of the content syndicated because of good writing. There were other forms of syndication for other content. Either way, syndication has proven to be very helpful for online marketers that are trying to get their business off the ground. With syndication, one could also gain a high page rank for his content. As a result, any bad news that is released about the person or his company will be buried quickly in the search results.


The Light of Kabbalah

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In Kabbalah, it’s all about the Light, which is what they call the essence of God. They believe that the Light is here in the world and that the ultimate paradise is here in the world with the infinite Light. This Light brings fulfillment. Kabbalah is about personal growth and consciousness. It teaches that all aspects of life stem from the same tree.

All of Kabbalah’s teachings are centered around fulfillment. It’s an ancient way of life in a modern world. Kabbalah applies to all faith journeys no matter what religion. It is not a religious denomination, rather it complements other religions in a journey of personal fulfillment.

Kabbalah is an esoteric religion, esoteric meaning that it is an unconventional way of thought in Western Society. Being unconventional doesn’t mean it’s wrong, in fact the teachings work with almost any religion.

The Kabbalah Centre, founded in 1922, is located in California, and they offer local and online resources. It has locations in over 40 cities worldwide and they provide Kabbalistic teaching across the world. They are staffed with a multiethnic staff and have international students. The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization whose aim is to help students live a better life according to the principles of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre doesn’t try to steer people away from other religions but rather supplements other religions. It teaches that all religions are part of universal wisdom. They teach students the basic principles of Kabbalah and how that can impact their lives. They have curriculum based on the Zohar, which is a book of Kabbalistic thought, and Kabbalistic teachings.

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Top Digital Marketing Agency; White Shark Media

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The rise of technology has led to the growth of digital marketing agencies across the world. Companies are competing to be the very best in the field, and White Shark Media has not been left behind. White Shark is a digital marketing agency that was established in the year 2011 after three Danish men with experience and expertise on matters to do with online marketing came together.

The primary purpose of creating White Shark was to offer businesses and individuals marketing services through online platforms such as Disqus. It works in close collaboration with medium sized businesses, and this enables them to grow and expand their services to clients in North America.

White Shark Media is a preferred media agency because of the world class services it offers its customers. It has successfully cultivated a good working relationship with its clients by ensuring that they get the very best. The company also provides that at all times its clients get what they request when doing their online marketing campaigns.

In addition to giving its customers the very best, White Shark Media Review team has dedicated itself to ensuring that it’s open to customer’s suggestions and contributions. This dedication, in turn, enables them to improve its service provision. Through its website, it has received complaints from customers that allow them to correct any mistakes, and this has helped it receive positive ratings. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Its customer’s review section has also enabled it to track its performance. Reviews can be found on Through a recent survey by Topseos, it is praised for having a good client retention.

It has managed to keep its customers since its inception. reports that its retention rate is currently at 8-10%. It also has its Google Plus page,, where it has succeeded to build a good client base and also promote its services online.


The company regularly updates its followers on how to carry out their AdWords campaigns, why they should use White Shark as a marketing agency and more about online marketing. One of the co-founders of White Shark, Andrew Lolk gives a quick review of what the company offers by stating that they have the experience and expertise to provide online marketing services.

White Shark has risen to be among the best digital marketing agencies and the recent awards and reviews prove this.

Adam Goldenberg’s Success Story


Adam Goldenberg’s rise to financial and business prominence is an uncommon one. From the young age of 13 he was motivated to make something of himself so he started bulletin board service online using the money from his Bar Mitzvah no less. Then through hard work and ingenuity he made that bulletin board service into a website for gamers. Adam Goldenberg called it Gamer’s Alliance. It was a unique website that catered well to the interests of its market and so it caught the eye of Intermix CEO Brett Brewer who purchased it from him. Brett Brewer was unaware that he was forming a relationship with a young genius but he soon found out. Adam Goldenberg was only 17 years old at the time of the acquisition.

The relationship between these two people would grow over time and Brewer promoted Adam Goldenberg to the position of Intermix’s COO. This made Goldenberg the youngest person to ever hold that title at a publicly traded company. His appointment proved to be wise. Before long, Intermix purchased the website which was founded by Don Ressler. They expanded their portfolio of web properties into the realm of eccommerce and advertising. The locus of the cutting edge online transactions was the Intermix held company Alena Media, and it was the most profitable one Intermix had. News Corp saw the massive potential of Alena Media’s business model and sought to acquire it for themselves. However, News Corp put Alena Media’s potential to waste and this frustrated Adam Goldenberg.

Goldenberg was confident in himself. He was one of the world’ foremost experts in building brands online so he decided to create an online empire centered around that with Don Ressler’s help. The resulting company was called Brand Ideas, which they would later rename Intelligent Beauty on It was an innovative direct to consumer company. The first brand was DERMSTORE which focused on providing women with cosmetics and skincare products from the comfort of their own home. They were doing well enough to attract the attention of the venture capital fund Technology Crossover Ventures which invest $43 million in them in 2008.

With the new funds they launched JustFab. The excitement around JustFab was so great that they received $33 million in funds from the VC fund Matrix Partners, and a further $76 million from Rho Ventures. JustFab also managed to attract the fashion celebrity Kimora Lee Simmons to be its President and Creative Director. This great success story was all brilliantly engineered by Adam Goldenberg. Source: