Rocketship Expanding Charter School 2018-19

Charter School


The charter Rocketship school in Redwood, CA will find a new home at 860 Charter Street. The new location is in an industrial area. It will help Rocket Education add programs and increase the number of students to 480.

This larger space for the K-5 school will help teachers prepare students for college with a high quality education. The 23,000 square foot warehouse will be converted into the school design that Rocketship Education requested.

This school will have classrooms, offices, and a cafeteria. There will be technology and tutoring center that opens up to the outdoor assembly area. There will be a 9000 sq. ft. play area, small soccer field and half a basketball court too.

The walls in the building will be reconstructed adding skylights and new windows to let in more light. New plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems will be installed. It will be an eco-friendly school for students. About 85% of the students live within three quarter miles of the Redwood City school. There are other schools in the area.

The staff is working on a car pool program for student transportation involving parents and teachers. They plan to stagger student pickups and drop offs so traffic does not back up or become congested near the charter school in Redwood City.

Rocketship Education focuses on developing parent and teacher relationships in all its schools. They realize that parent involvement is the key to the student’s success. Parents help to shape the school’s enrichment programs in art, music, gardening and other activities that teaches creativity and critical thinking.

Rocketship Education teachers visit students homes before the year begins to learn more about them. This helps them develop strong ties with the families they teach. Their students out perform other school in ELA and math testing due to their innovative programs. They have a high retention rate of 90%. Parent involvement is a key to their success.

Paul Mampilly Offers Stock Investment Advice for the Average Investor

Businessman, Investor

Paul Mampilly is a man with his finger on the pulse. He is a successful American investor, hedge fund manager, and a winner of the Templeton Foundation Investment award. His latest pitch is for a mid-western company that he feels is on the most important medical breakthrough the world has ever known. The breakthrough may be such that diseases, once thought to be death sentences, will become a past memory.

The breakthrough is the work of a $1.5 billion-dollar company that is pioneering the field of precision medicine. Every person’s DNA provides a blueprint. The company’s medicine will offer a solution to fight disease based on a person’s genetic makeup. It will be like fitting a person with a tailor-made suit. The medications will also help prevent a disease from happening in the first place. In effect, this means that diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s, or even heart disease, can be eliminated simply by adjusting for the individual’s DNA patterns.

This would indeed be an amazing medical breakthrough. Paul Mampilly is currently the Senior Editor of several publications at Banyan Hill Publishing. His newsletter, Profits Unlimited, offers information and analysis of stocks that he targets for higher gains. Paul Mampilly received his MBA in 1996 from Fordham University. Mampilly eventually grew tired of the Wall Street pace and earning money for the nation’s top 1%. He decided to shift his focus to helping average individuals to earn income on their own investments.

Mampilly has more than 40,000 subscribers who take his monthly investment advice quite seriously. Many of his successful followers have earned money without having to invest in risky options or bets. That eases the strain for a lot of junior or novice investors who look to make a profit in the stock market.

Paul Mampilly comes from a humble background, and he grew up poor. He understands what it is like to live on both sides of the fence. As a result, he has a soft spot for anyone looking to move up in the world. He is a talented and bright individual who will likely continue to offer investment advice for the average person looking to break into the market.

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Paul Wesley – Actor, Director And Producer


Since the first grade Paul Wesley has been preforming on stage. Some of his earliest memories relate back to the theatre. He looks back and remembers the days when he used to wait for autographs from the stars. Now he is in position to be handing out the autographs and has proven himself more than a triple threat. So it goes without being said, Paul Wesley is no stranger to performing.

You may recognize Paul from the TV screen, in the popular series, The Vampire Diaries. His reoccurring role has given him an opportunity to practice his craft for the past 5 years. He even had a chance to direct one of the episodes,”Who Woke Up The Monster.” The Vampire Diaries, has given Wesley, the chance to display a variety of his talents for our entertainment pleasure but his work does not end there.

Appearing in the play, Cal in Camo, Paul Wesley makes his second professional theatrical stage performance. Playing Flynt, his character is processing the loss of his wife. He goes to live with his brother and sister in law, who are having struggles of their own and discovers how healing can help each of them. Wesley feels the benefit of theatre is the way he can use rehearsals to develop his character. His hard work results in a true, relatable, and honest character the audience can experience this play through.

Wesley’s also familiar with the big screen. His recent film, Before I Disappear, appeared at the SXSW Film Festival. This was no small achievement for the low budget film. Acting in the space of producer and actor Paul feels gratitude for the positive response this film has been receiving. After two years of hard work, the positive feedback has propelled this short film to grab the attention of Hollywood big wigs.

Is there anything that Paul Wesley can’t do? He is the first to admit that he can’t sing. You will probably never see him in a musical. Although he has an appreciation for musical theatre.