How Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have contributed to the prosperity of InnovaCare Health

Healthcare Provider

Since the inception of InnovaCare Health in 1998, the company has been a howling success, making momentous milestones in Puerto Rican Healthcare system. This has been influenced by the competent and quality leadership that Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. The two exemplary individuals with years of experience in the healthcare industry, have provided excellent guidance to Innovacare Health. As the CEO and MD of the company, Dr. Shinto has influenced significant decisions taken by the health care provider such as the resolution to offer Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Choice, Inc. Check out


Shinto’s contributions

Rick Shinto, who earned his medical degree from the University of New York, had always displayed a passion for improving healthcare services, even before he founded InnovaCare Health. In his early days working in Southern California as a pulmonologist, Dr. Shinto wrote numerous medical articles detailing in depth his recommendations on some acrimonious health care issues. Under his watch, Innovacare has gained popularity among the majority of Puerto Ricans. His company has made health care more affordable for many residents of the Island, and as a result, most people have ditched insurance companies in favor of InnovaCare’s health care plans. Rick Shinto has not achieved this fete all by himself. Lucky for him, he has had the privilege to work with Penelope Kokkinides, a respected and seasoned healthcare executive. For more details visit Bloomberg.

The role of Penelope

As the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope has played a pivotal role in the prosperity of the company. The success of Medicare Advantage Plan and Medicare Choice, Inc is largely attributed to Penelope Kokkinides, who has had prior experience working on similar government programs. Penelope is one executive any company would be lucky to have her services. With a rich education background which includes a master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University and a degree in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University, Penelope is no doubt a decorated healthcare executive. With a professional of Kokkinides caliber, InnovaCare could not be better.It is the reason the company elected her as the COO and the vice president of clinical operations.

More about InnovaCare Health

Benevolence and service to humanity are at the core of InnovaCare’s philosophy. The company believes in giving back to the community and helping those in need. This was best displayed when Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September 2017, destroying many people’s livelihoods. InnovaCare was among the first well-wishers to set up free medical camps in the Island, saving the lives of many residents.





OSI Food Solutions – Doing things the right way

Business, Food Industry

OSI Food Solutions, also known as the OSI Group, is a global supplier of custom value-added food products, which are distributed to the world’s leading food service and retail food brands. They are based in America, and they are considered to be one of America’s largest privately held companies. OSI Food Solutions takes pride in their utilization of innovation and creativity, and have implemented these concepts throughout their entire existence. The company has it’s international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, and they operate over 65 facilities in more than 17 countries. OSI Food Solutions has the financial and operational resources to provide custom-made food solutions made to your precise specifications, with excellent food safety, as well as quality assurance policies and procedures. Actually, the company started out as a small family owned meat company. Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany, came to America in 1909 and opened the business with his family. At the time it was simply called Otto and Sons.

Over the years however, OSI Food Solutions developed a reputation for providing high quality meat products. After many partnerships were forged, along with well-thought out acquisitions, hard work, and good business practices, they subsequently grew into an international food giant, providing excellent food services to thousands of companies throughout the world. A truly successful endeavor. Nonetheless, OSI Food Solutions strongly believes that this success is fueled by the innovation and creativity of their employees. For this reason, they work hard to create an environment that provides challenging, stimulating, and rewarding opportunities. The employees at feel that they truly can make a difference, and they have passion for the work they do. The philosophy of their hiring practice, is that all persons have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and it is their policy to provide equal employment opportunities to everyone, regardless their age, gender, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic. This is another reason why they have become so successful, and why they will continue to grow.


NewsWatch TV: From Product Reviews to Entertainment News – NewsWatch Has it All


In today’s world, the average consumer is inundated with an overload of information from every conceivable media source imaginable. And it is commonly known that much of it can be questionable at best. That is why organizations like NewsWatch TV rises above the rest.

What makes NewsWatch special (one might ask)? NewsWatch TV has been providing quality news on a variety of topics since 1990. Throughout the years this stellar news organization has established a reputation for delivering accurate and award-winning broadcasts to the viewing public.

NewsWatch TV video broadcasts are clear and concise, giving the viewer a complete overall understanding of the product or service that is being featured in the given segment. NewsWatch has a trio of hosts that are professional and knowledgeable regarding the subject of the interview. This level of professionalism is why NewsWatch meets or exceeds all industry standards

NewsWatch has provided the much-needed marketing exposure that is desired by companies both large and small. Whether it is a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, NewsWatch gives their customers the same attention to detail in every single broadcast. NewsWatch understands the importance of providing a consistent quality service in every aspect of the production process.

Over the past year, NewsWatch has broadcast a number of interviews featuring high profile celebrities from sports greats to Hollywood icons. NewsWatch has also expanded its broadcasts to include a variety of organizations that include non-profits, national health organizations, automobile manufacturers, and others who have found NewsWatch to be one of the undisputed leaders in the media marketing industry.

Richard Dwayne Blair: How To Choose A Good Investment Advisor


Need an expert who can get you start investing? Want to enlist the services of a renowned investment advisory firm? Perhaps you want to save more money, manage your investments or plan for retirement.

When it comes to securing your future, it’s imperative to consult a knowledgeable and experienced professional. Choosing a financial planner or investment advisor shouldn’t be a difficult task. It is important that you find the one that is right for your situation.

You can get recommendations from family, friends or colleagues. You will want to be certain you are getting a trusted financial advisory firm or investment professional. Once you have access to a reliable investment professional or financial planner, you can be on your way to reaching your goal.

Richard Dwayne Blair helps people with all of their investment needs. Richard Dwayne Blair has a prominent investment firm in the Austin, Texas area and is well recognized in the industry. His firm, Wealth Solutions, has been catering to clients for years and comes highly recommended.

At Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair renders top notch service to clients from a wide variety of backgrounds. Richard has many years of experience as an investment advisor and he has a good understanding of the financial industry. If you want to take the right steps towards your goal of financial success, then check out Richard Dwayne Blair right away.

As an experienced financial services professional, Richard Dwayne Blair can give you the tips and strategies you need to meet your needs. He is well known for providing clients with high quality investment advisory and wealth building strategies.

Many people require expert assistance with their financial issues and can benefit immensely from getting in touch with a professional like Richard Dwayne Blair.

Want to implement strategies for securing your financial future? Richard Dwayne Blair can help you to manage your money and invest wisely.

Richard Dwayne Blair is considered a leader in the financial services field. Numerous people turn to Richard Dwayne Blair for help with starting or growing their portfolio.

Fagali Airport

Airport, Company, Fagali

Located on the island of Upola near the town of Fagali’i-Uta, the Fagali Airport re-opened in 2009. At one time, the airport was a grass-only airstrip, however with the re-opening it has now been paved and has become an international airport. Currently, Polynesian Airlines flies out of Fagali. This has been a popular airport due to the airport’s proximity to town.

While not a very large airport, there are frequent flights that fly into Fagali. Visitors to the island have a multitude of options for activities once they have landed on the island and have left the airport. The island is an excellent place to learn and experience Samoan culture. Less than three miles from the Fagali airport is the Old Apia Market. A small market, handcrafted Polynesian goods are available for sale and visitors to the market can observe local artisans at work. A variety of art studios are also present on the island. Find out more about Fagali Airport at

For those who love the outdoors, the island offers a variety of tours and opportunities. Visitors can take advantage of rain forest eco tours, as well as day tours to American Samoa. If a visitor would like to take advantage of the beautiful waters surrounding the island, boat tours and snorkeling tours are also available. A popular destination for snorkeling is the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve where countless tropical species can be observed in the water. In addition to the water surrounding the island, beautiful sights to visit include waterfalls and cave pools located around the island.

With the renewal of flights to Fagali, visitors can avail themselves of the natural beauty and distinct island culture. There are many options for things to do just a short distance from the airport. With a wide variety of cultural and natural heritage, the island provides activities for everyone. Read more:


Peter Briger: Accomplished Professional who supports entrepreneurship

Financial Advice, Investor

Since its inception as a private equity firm, Fortress Investment Group has maintained its position as a trendsetter. This results from the move to go public as the first equity firm to do so in the IPO of 2007. As of December 2017, Fortress Investment group directs assets worth over $43 billion with more than 1700 investors in hedge funds, private equity, as well as permanent capital vehicles. Fortress Investment Company has more than 900 personnel and is headquartered in New York with three principals Randal Nardone, Wes Ednes, and Peter Briger.

The company’s specialty includes operations management, capital markets, asset-based investing, corporate mergers, and acquisition and so on. Fortress Investment group prides itself on the ability to manage portfolio companies, thereby gaining extensive institutional knowledge that concern different companies. As of now, the company has segmented its operations into Private Equity, Permanent Capital Vehicles, and Credit.

About Peter Briger

Among the founding partners is Peter Briger. He is the Principal and co-Chair of the Fortress Investment Group. He also sits at the company’s board as the co-Chair, a position he has held since 2009. Peter Bridger also is responsible for other subsidiaries of the firm as well as credit and real estate. He went to Princeton University and attained a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also went to the University of Pennsylvania for his MBA.

How He supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Being a Princeton University alumnus, Peter has always supported the entrepreneurship program in this school through generous funding. The idea is to help another upcoming entrepreneur’s to become successful. This funding provides funds to start-up companies and targets the graduate entrepreneurs of Princeton University. Graduates in the last five years can benefit from this noble cause initiated by Peter. This program, coupled with the education they receive from Princeton University is meant to help young entrepreneurs expound on their ideas, pursue, and grow these ideas to become successful in life and to help others. He sits at the Princeton University Board Investment Company. Peter Briger is recognized as a dedicated professional and an accomplished leader.

Read More:

Auriemo Neto’s Success in Real Estate and JHSF

Business Expert, Real Estate Development

JHSF began like any other venture but approached business differently. That made the primary difference between the company and other competitors. After establishment in 1972, the entity started to pursue new avenues of business. The leadership also sought opportunities for expanding in the future. The company has a policy of flexibility for development and offering sufficient support in undertaking tasks.

Since 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto had been the chairman and CEO of the JHSF. The company is a participant in advancing and enhancing shopping centers, airports, hotels and luxury properties for both the public and private sectors. JHSF is founded on solid pillars of quality, development, and advancement. The team of experts and professionals are excellent in creating practical strategies for improvement.

The organization has a meticulous structure that formulates tasks and sees them to the end. This approach ensures that the right work is done and allocated to the right personnel. How the hands-on work happens is critical in achieving the mission of JHSF. The company aims to improve the properties and make Brazil a better nation. Auriemo has been using various methods and techniques to reach this target. This organization is a Brazilian entity, but Auriemo has led to impact people beyond borders. JHSF has a bright future in international real estate business.

Auriemo Neto has made an excellent name for himself in real estate. He is the driver behind the success of JHSF. He has over two decades of experience in establishing ventures and leading them to prosperity. His brilliant work has propelled the real estate sector to high heights. Since Neto took over the leadership of JHSF, the company has acquired numerous ventures and added immeasurable value to the company.

One of the assets that have brought Neto where he is today is partnerships. Having business relationships with other people either thrives or fails a business. In Neto’s experience, his business partnerships were beneficial. Although Neto has succeeded in the real estate business, he still has goals to achieve. He believes in pursuing further goals when you accomplish the ones you had. Auriemo will leave a great legacy in the organization when he retires.