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Microsoft has been fighting a war on privacy for years,¬†but on April 14, 2016, they finally made a breakthrough in court.¬†Essentially, the corporation filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department as a response to them obtaining warrants to read people’s emails, but not letting the person who wrote the emails know. Microsoft’s defense is that failure to show a person a warrant or give an explanation is a violation of both the fourth and first amendments.

In court, Microsoft representatives said that “Users have the right to know when the government reads their emails.” Their argument in defense of the fourth amendment is spot on because the amendment specifically states that people have a right to know if the government searches or seizes their property. Essentially, if a search warrant must be presented if law enforcement enters private property, why should digital information be exempt from the same courtesy?

While the ruling has yet to be made in favor or against Microsoft, it is essential that this case is understood as something far larger than just a lawsuit. The world has changed; It is a world heavily influenced by digital technology and the internet. The laws, however, are slow to make the same transition. In just under eighteen months, courts have issued over 2,600 orders stating that Microsoft and similar companies cannot disclose to users when search warrants are obtained to read their emails.

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    Seemingly unconstitutional, this law needs to change, and law professionals believe that Microsoft has a chance of winning due to their claim that it violates the fourth amendment. Regularly committing charitable acts for animals, Ross Abelow is a kind soul. These essay services do have a regulatory body that has helped them to achieve their goal.

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