DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

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Hussain Sajwani was born in 1952 at Sharjah, UAE. He was taken to an Indian spice trader who also sold watches, shirts, pens, and goods that he imported from China. Hussain’s first language was Hindu, which he used even when he began working. Husain was lucky enough to get a scholarship which helped him pursue a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Washington University.

After graduating from the University of Washington, his career began by him working as a contract manager at GASCO. Shortly after, he established his own business, and in 1982 he quit formal employment to pursue his catering venture which is still functional.

DAMAC Properties and Hussain’s Interview

In 2002, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties which is one of the largest property development companies in the whole of Middle East. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani mentioned that free trade should never be considered a luxury.

He said this at a time when he has got a lot of backlash for getting support from the Trump Organization in building the numerous golf courses. Hussain further added that he had not experienced any hindrances when working with the Trump organization, as the organization has been consistent in offering quality service.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani also highlights that he has no interest in U.S. politics, but further adds that he believes that free trade is an essential stake in a country’s business development and growth. He says this with a lot of confidence because DAMAC properties is a Middle Eastern company operating in the United States and therefore Sajwani experiences the challenges that come with international business first hand.

DAMAC Properties Business

During the past year, there have been terrible international trade conditions that have had a direct impact on DAMAC Properties, seeing a decline of close to $3.6 billion. It does not scare Sajwani as he insists that he has been in business for close to 38 years, and the losses are not a surprise to him. Instead, he highlights that the company is focusing on ways to better their business while retaining a very high level of activity.

DAMAC Properties has recently built a series of flashing luxury properties in the Dubai Marina, as well as golf and residential properties, parks, and villas. However, the bigger vision of the company is to have a market share in European cities, in their attempt to be the best worldwide.

Find out more about HSDO: https://hussainsajwani.com/ar/profile/

Matthew Flagger’s Contribution to The Development of the Oil and Energy Sector

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Gold Coast Western LLC, the Managing Venture of Oil as well as Gas General Partnerships is prominently known as Joint Ventures. The organization combines resources, talent, and the industry know-how to its primary focus in developing as well as acquiring domestic oil and reserves that are situated in America’s gulf coast. Specifically, the company majors on properties that have geological and geophysical advantages that have well-developed structures. Therefore, Gulf Coast Western aspires to work with companies that have a substantial return and quantified downside risk to participating partners. As the head of the company, Matthew Fleeger oversees general operations by serving as the CEO. In the firm’s website, it’s clear that the company contributes to the overall success it has had with its partnerships. As such, the company attributes its success to its integrity and respect toward dealing with clients.

Matthew Flagger’s Role in The Company

Established in 1970, the family-oriented company is situated on the outskirts of Dallas but has various offices across Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Over the years, it has developed a strong footprint within the community where it has also expanded through two significant partnerships that directly contribute to its development. By virtue of one of its partners called Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration having acquired all the property rights from Gulf Coast Western.

Technology Supports Oil Harvesting

In 2015, many energy gurus were discussing the exponential growth and development of America’s energy sector of hydrocarbon reserves. Oil was in abundance with many predicting that America would be dependent on OPEC as well as other net oil exporters. Nevertheless, one of the most prominent developments in the history of oil and energy sector was the 2000s emerging drilling technologies that started hitting the industry suddenly. Oil that was considered economically infeasible when it comes to extracting for the first time was profitable. Therefore, most of the unrecovered oil that’s situated in hard shale formations throughout North America was accessible to harvesters who could make it useful. Two of the major technologies that have contributed to the development of the oil sector include horizontal drilling as well as hydraulic fracturing.

Private credit more important than ever in global finance according to Gareth Henry

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The indispensable role of private credit, especially in the face of crisis economics is well respected by equity investors, fund managers, and high net worth financiers. Gareth Henry, master of investor relations, is most familiar with the implications of private finance on public debt.

Reminiscent of J.P. Morgan and Company’s 1895 gold syndicate set up to sell gold bonds on behalf of a struggling U.S. Treasury, the wizard of Omaha would step up during the Great Recession of 2008 with a plan of his own to save an economy in dire straits. Offering a $5 billion emergency loan package earned Warren Buffett above average interest returns while simultaneously helping to prevent immediate financial implosion- a very real, imminent threat at the time. Buffett’s capital infusion achieved two goals; the transaction allotted the Federal Reserve time to execute its TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) plan, and set precedence for the proliferation of similar deals across the board. Learn more about Gareth Henry at angel.co

An experienced manager and advocate of private credit himself, Gareth Henry has operated in the alternative investment class for decades. He has seen firsthand how private funds can balance the results of stock market corrections by keeping companies liquid in order to keep the lights on, and maintain operative flow.

In addition to its function, private credit can take many forms including structured and mezzanine financing, direct lending, and distressed asset debt. Gareth Henry highlights direct lending as a prime reason for rise in alternative finance. The main reason? Where traditional lenders are forced to realign according to changing regulatory rules, direct lenders retain a much greater amount of autonomy in the markets. While traditional capital strategies continue to make headwinds post-crises, an upward trend in “special situation” sponsorships is more than a response to crisis as Gareth Henry explains. It is now a definitive reality.

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Guilherme Paulus Is A Brazilian Entrepreneur Who Is Passionate About The Work He Does

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Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian hotelier who doesn’t mind taking risks to bring his ideas to life. He knows that any idea can be a good thing or bad thing but that you never really know until you try it out.

As the leader of the board of advisors for GJP Hotels and Resorts and CVC Brazil, he has taken plenty of risks, and many of them have worked out just fine. In 1995, he opened the doors of his first hotel and has been building new hotels ever since.

Guilherme Paulus likes to begin every day by focusing on what he is grateful for. He feels happy to be alive on most days and remains curious about the world. He loves to plan his schedule for the next week by writing it out and has noticed that this helps him to feel more organized. Brazilian hotelier is excited about how technology is being used in the daily lives of people from all over the world. He is appreciative of the fact that information can be transferred so easily today, which enables him to understand what his customers want much quicker than in the past. He also loves to use technology to discover market trends and is glad to be alive in this day and age.

As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus enjoys being able to be in close contact with his hotels. He travels quite a bit to take a closer look at how each one is running quite often. This allows him to see what kinds of changes need to be made and also allows him to connect with customers and his employees. While many business owners prefer to leave the day-to-day operations to others, he enjoys taking care of this aspect of his business.

Guilherme Paulus was asked in a recent interview to talk about something he does time and time again that he feels all entrepreneurs should do. In response, he commented that entrepreneurs should love what they do. This helps them to expend more energy and spend more time focusing on what their customers want. When a person doesn’t enjoy their work, they end up feeling tired and worn out all of the time.

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Jacob Gottlieb Creating new Wave of Change through Altium Capital

Healthcare Provider

The healthcare investment industry is slowly but surely transforming into an ultra-modern sector, with many innovations taking shape day by day. Jacob Gottlieb forms part of entrepreneurs facilitating change in the industry. He continually offers support to enterprises that provide responsive advanced health and medical treatment.

Jacob Gotlieb’s Entrepreneurial Ventures

Jacob Gottlieb’s entrepreneurial acumen has informed his investments and ventures all geared towards improving healthcare service delivery. Recently, he added Altium Capital to his repertoire of revolutionary ventures. Altium has invested in Oramed Pharmaceuticals which already has a breakthrough innovation attached to its name. The firm has successfully developed an alternative oral treatment for diabetic patients who conventionally receive treatment through injections. Altium has also invested in Oragenics and Amarin.

Jacob Gottlieb is focused on broadening investments in the healthcare industry. He has a vision of enabling the growth of companies in the healthcare industry with a significant focus on those that are promising in their potential to deliver considerable historical advances in the health and medical sector.

Gotlieb has had a successful career in investment having founded Visium Asset Management and been a founder member of Balyasny Asset Management, all of which achieved considerable milestones. Worked for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC, and as an investment portfolio manager at Merlin in New York City.

Jacob Gotlieb also has a passion for philanthropic activities supporting several charitable organization and educational foundations in New York. Through fundraisings and donations, Gotlieb has helped organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation, The Windward School, New Yorkers for Children, and the East Harlem Tutorial Program.

True to say, Gotlieb is a hero in his quarters, influencing advancements in the healthcare and industry, assisting upcoming companies through continued investments and helping the less fortunate in the society through donations. Besides,his philanthropic activities have enacted much in the society.

Dr. Saad Saad on how to deal with colds


In most cases, babies will get cold because the development of their immune system continues. However, it is rare for a newborn baby to get cold.

Sometimes, the colds can become severe and so it is essential to for the parent to take the baby to the pediatrician if the baby shows signs of high fever and other symptoms.

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon who is based in New Jersey. Saad argues that it is vital to call a doctor immediately a baby shows sickness signs to identify the problem before it gets severe.

What parent and caregivers need to understand is the fact that it is almost impossible to prevent germs in the environment that an infant stays.

In addition to this, it is very typical for an infant to get colds now and again just like any other person. It is significant to help the baby while its immune is trying to fight the virus off. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dr-saad-saad and https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/175114/Dr-Saad+A.-Saad-EATONTOWN-NJ.html

A newborn still has some immunity from the mother. This immunity will help the baby for the first six months.

This explains the reason why the newborns do not get colds as often as other babies. Even though the immune system of infants starts to develop very soon, they are likely to get infections such as colds.

Because most parents do not experience chills in newborns, it is usually a scary situation when their babies start to get colds.

However, Dr. Saad Saad claims that these colds in babies are vital as they help the bodies to learn how to fight germs and other diseases.

Before they celebrate their first birthdays, most kids usually get several colds. Specific symptoms will show that the kid is having a cold and not any other disease.

Colds do not necessarily require the doctor’s attention. It all requires some gentle care for the baby from home. Colds are generally not viewed as dangerous situations.

The kid takes the mother’s immunity from birth up to the age of six months. When the newborns have colds, they are likely to experience excess nasal discharge. Usually, they have a nasal discharge that is watery and runny.

After some time, the discharge will turn into thicker yellowish-green color.

These colds can come with a slight fever which indicates that the body is fighting the cold. It is very natural when the colds come with fever and not a sign that the condition is worsening.

Following Dr. Saad Saad will ensure that you will never go a single day without proper treatment.

Ensuring that you visit the best medical practitioner there is means that you will have better chances of receiving proper medication. Dr. Saad has been in the industry for over 40 years.

Betsy Devos: Champion for School Reform in Safety and Education Excellence


There are few who have been able to fix the problems with America’s education system. In Betsy Devos’ eyes, many of those who have tried to fix it have failed, including the Bush administration with “No Child Left Behind.” Devos believes that it’s time to start fresh and do something different that will place the focus back on what’s best for students. She doesn’t believe that’s Common Core either.


Devos has sat down with a number of interviewers, but her most famous interview yet was with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes.” During the hour, Stahl questioned Betsy Devos on a number of successes and failures of the educational choice program. Stahl also pointed to statistics where it showed that standardized test scores had improved 20 percent, and yet Devos doesn’t believe that’s what is best for America’s students.


Her focus is on providing educational choice. There are a number of school zones in any distract that are failing all across the country. Devos says that students and parents need an answer for that devoid, and that with the help of philanthropy, educational programs with vouchers for private schools can really work. However, some are skeptical.


The skeptics include America’s teacher workforce who don’t see eye to eye with the new US Secretary of Education. In fact, many believe that Devos plans on using public funding for private schools, even though she has stated that’s not how it works. She looks to her donors who have made it possible for educational programs to thrive. These are people like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gates (Microsoft), and Sam Walton (Wal-Mart).



So why do some criticize the US Education Secretary so harshly on her policies? Many have made statements that she has no experience. Devos says that it is a lack of understanding what it is that encompasses the educational choice program. They don’t see how this has helped students, especially in places like Florida and Louisiana. Students are able to get a better education because of these programs, such as magnet schools, virtual schools, private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling programs.


When asked what she thinks the most successful has been, Devos replied that Florida has been the most successful with educational choice. The state has the most educational choice options out of any other, and they have a tuition-based scholarship program that allows them to go to any school of their choice once approved.


It’s important to note that Betsy has also faced problems with school safety reforms as well. She has been making necessary changes to security at public schools while conscious of her educational choice reform campaigns as well. It’s important that she does something with these programs in the next two years.


For updates, folloe Betsy DeVos on twitter.

GreenSky CEO David Zalik makes novel business model work

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When entrepreneur David Zalik went on a roadshow back in 2005 to pitch his idea for a fintech company that would extend instant point-of-sale retail loans, he knew that he had stumbled across a gold mine. But the 32-year-old veteran of the business world had a tough row to hoe when trying to convince banks to loan him the capital that he needed to get his new business off the ground.

Zalik visited dozens of banks in the fall of that year, only to be rebuffed by skeptical looks and promises by bankers to talk to their bosses, meetings that somehow never seemed to materialize. Eventually, Zalik came to terms with the fact that it wasn’t so much the concept behind his new company, which would become known as GreenSky Credit. Instead, it was the revenue model that had bankers spooked. Quite simply, it was a business model that had no historic analogue.

All sides gladly pay when everyone wins

But Zalik would end up being proven right. After being rejected by so many banks, the determined businessman decided to liquidate his entire real estate portfolio and finance the company himself. This would turn out to be a good bet. But even Zalik had doubts in the beginning about whether he could really make the GreenSky revenue model work.

GreenSky would ultimately end up making money from all three of the parties to the transaction although it wouldn’t be advertised that the borrowers themselves are actually paying for some of it. The contractors and retailers who pitch GreenSky loans and with whom the GreenSky borrowers are actually purchasing goods and services pay the highest fee, 6 percent of the principal amount. But these entities are more than happy to pay that fee because the loans are going towards business that they almost certainly would never have otherwise had.

And the fact is that the 6 percent fee that the retailer pays is effectively rolled into the loan itself, meaning that it is really the customer who ends up paying it. But the customers or borrowers couldn’t be happier. That’s because they’re getting to complete projects that otherwise would have fallen through. And the banks themselves pay a 1 percent carrying fee on all loan balances originated by GreenSky.


Shervin Pishevar Warns Of Changes Coming To The American Economy

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There is something brewing in the United States that we have not seen in our lifetimes if you believe the words of Shervin Pishevar. He feels that we going through a transformative time in the country that is going to shape the way that we all move forward into the future.

As an early investor in Uber, Shervin Pishevar earned a name for himself by being one of the first to put his faith and his money into the company. He not only earned a good reputation for having done this, but he also earned himself a nice bit of money as well. He proved that he knew how to make a good financial prediction.

Twitter has been blessed by the likes of Shervin Pishevar. He has an account that he likes to use frequently in order to inform his readers of his thoughts on how things are going in the economy. He even recently took the opportunity to go on a “tweet storm”. This is a stretch of time during which a person uses their Twitter account to send out multiple messages on the same or similar topics.

The tweet storm from Shervin Pishevar would end up lasting a total of fifty tweets over a period of twenty-one hours. Thus, he was able to keep his followers hanging on his every word the whole time.

During that lengthy amount of time he tweeted about how he feels that the stock market is about to go into a correction. That is when the market corrects by at least twenty percent. That kind of thing is common enough, but the reasons why Shervin Pishevar believes that it is about to happen are something different.

He thinks that China and others are becoming the parts of the world where the newest startups are going to happen. Instead of great companies getting their start in America we will have to look abroad as other countries start to take away the biggest advantage that we used to have over them. He may or may not be right about this, but at least he has a strong track record of predictions from the past.


Dr. Sam Jejurikar Receives Patient Choice Award

Well-known Surgeon

In the realm of plastic surgery there are many noteworthy surgeons who go above and beyond to please their patients and ensure that they get exactly what they want. An important key to this is properly conveying the medical expectations before, during, and after with patients, and seeing that all of their needs are met in a compassionate, professional manner. One such doctor who has continually gone above and beyond is Dr. Sam Jejurikar.

Stationed in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Jejurikar has been practicing medicine for over a decade, having earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. Specializing in general plastic surgery, Dr. Jejurikar divides his time between several different offices and hospitals including Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center. He comes highly recommended by his previous patients, a sentiment that recently earned him the Compassionate Doctor Award. This award is very prestigious and received by very few doctors as it sees a 3% recipient rate out of the over 370,000 practicing doctors in the United States. Patients elect and vote for doctors with whom they have had previous experience through Patients Choice, determining each winning doctor among themselves. After having won the award in 2012, Dr. Jejurikar shared how honored and grateful he was to have received such an exemplary honor. Although already highly recommended by those he has served over the course of his career, patients say that the doctor has only improved with time, continuing to value all of his clients and ensuring they are well cared for before, during, and after leaving his practice.