Jeff Harman Stands Strong In His Pursuit Of Righting The Wrong And In Support Of The Child Victims Act


In one of his latest blog posts about Actor and Activist Corey Feldman challenging Senate GOP on the Child Victims Act Jeff Herman, a nationally recognized trial lawyer and advocate for victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, brings awareness to a coalition called “New Yorkers Against Hidden Pedators”. Part of this initiative are Actor Corey Feldman and Team USA volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard. They are united in their effort to push Senate Republicans to pass the Child Victims Act. The Senate bill is backed by Brad Hoylmann,D-Manhatten, and is meant to eliminate both the criminal and civil statutes of limitations in child sexual abuse cases in New York State. With one of his law firms located inĀ Florida Jeff Herman and his team have represented more than 1000 victims of childhood sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and rape nationwide.

Currently the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits permits legal actions relating to sexual abuse crimes to be filed in court within five years. The civil lawsuit is affected by the nature of the incident so a person has one year to sue an individual. For a person belonging to a religious institution or a school the time frame to file a lawsuit is three years.

For the Criminal Court System the five year window applies as well, but the five year countdown does not start until a person has reached the age of 18. This gives the plaintiff time until turning 23 to either file a suit or press charges.
In recent years the Assembly has passed it’s own version of the Child Victims Act various times and the 56.Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo has declared this bill to his legislative priorities for this year. According to a 2018 Quinnipiac Poll, released by Senate Democrats, 90.6 percent of New Yorkers support the bill. Jeff Herman uses his knowledge and expertise to keep the public informed on all matters that can help survivors, prevent this heinous crimes from ever happing and to do anything in his power to bring justice to those that had to suffered from heinous crimes.
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