Igor Cornelsen Talks Investment, and why Brazil is the Best Developing Country to invest in

Bank Industry

Igor Cornelsen is a native of Brazil and is the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Inc which is based in the Bahamas. Bainbridge offers potential investors with investment strategies that are going to benefit them in the long-term. Igor has been in the industry long enough to have a deep pool of investing knowledge and he is not shy to share his expertise with like-minded people. He started his career in Brazil right after completing his education. Cornelsen has worked in a string of banking companies in Brazil where he has held different management positions. He quit his career in banking to give more attention to his investments and started his company.

Investment strategies

Igor is famous for advising investors not to put their money in companies that have a history of financial problems and countries with a hostile political atmosphere. Igor instead offers them the alternative to purchase damaged or declining stock which they will then sell at a profit once the market goes back to normal. He has created most of his wealth by trading in declining assets and damaged stocks. Igor says this is usually a long-term investment and urges the investors to indulge patience once they invest along this line.

Igor Cornelsen is a relentless advocate for diversifying investments. He has extensive experience and knowledge in many sectors of investments. Among his top clients who come to him for counsel is Burger King. He has spent many years observing patterns and behaviors of the market and this has helped him identify the merits and the demerits when it comes to investing. His clients have found his knowledge very useful in their operations. Igor is a consultant and both organizations and individuals can reach him for investment advice.

Why Brazil?

According to Igor, Brazil is very attractive to investors because it is open to new ideas on investments. He says that investing in any of Brazil’s top companies such as Santander, Citibank Brazil, Banco Bradesco, BTG Pactual, Banco do Brazil, Caixa Economica Federal and Banco J Safra will give an investor good returns. He also advises Brazilian investors and other international investors to put their money in nations such as China. Igor says that it is necessary to analyze the trading partners of a foreign country, before investing money.

More about Igor Cornelsen

He attended school at the Federal University of Parana where he had first enrolled in engineering school but decided to also pursue economics in the institution. Igor believes that the Brazilian economy is strongly related and identical to the Chinese economy and the two governments should ensure fair trading. He supports the appointed of the new finance minister in Brazil.