Talkspace One on One

Behavior Therapy

The first time people saw Talkspace on twitter they thought it was a new social media website but it is actually more than that. The Talkspace app is basically your one-on-one therapist online.

With talk-space you just simply express your feelings all in writing. Every single thought, questions or opinion is written out and this works great for individuals that have trouble verbalizing their thoughts. I can admit I’m one of those people that has a hard time starting a conversation but I definitely don’t have a problem writing everything down so something like is a big plus in my books.

One of the best parts of the online therapy is that if your not happy with your current therapist you simply switch to another therapist and because everything is typed it backs up all your previous conversations and you don’t have to repeat your previous sections with the new therapist they’ll just picked up where you left off this was a big plus to the users.

People are asking what are the pros and cons of using Talkspace for online therapy well people actually get tired of the same routine day after day or they just simply don’t have the time. People are working anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day then have to go home after these long strenuous hours and tend to their family. This is where the Talkspace app benefits individuals with little or now time because they can access Talkspace right from their smartphone, tablet or even home computer, they can send their therapist a message at a time that’s convenient for them an not have to worry about keeping or making an appointment.