Plan Your Next Event At Bellamy For A Luxury Experience


San Diego magazine honored restaurant owner and founder Brian Bonar in a recent article and was adamant on highlighting the variety of cuisine available at his restaurant Bellamy. The goal is to change the ranch style home into an splendor of event space.

Bellamy offers the luxury space for any event especially catering to an oasis of food choices. They offer an array of gourmet cuisine that mimics no other. Customers have food selections that include monkfish wrapped in bacon and a special sauce served with your choice of sides.

Brian Bonar has hired top chef executive Patrick Ponsaty new to the Bandy Canyon area. He is arranging a menu that will satisfy almost everyone. He mixes a hint of several different ethnic backgrounds including Italian. It once housed the Croce’s restaurant and with the recent renovations customers get way more event space and a larger menu selection.

Bonar uhh s a Scotish business owner that knows how to combine good food and meaningful space. The corporate world isn’t afraid to admit that Bonar is a mover and a shaker and doesn’t hesitate to get things done.

Bellamy will cater to the social elite in San Diego. They offer the best food venture on the strip because he’s listened to the general public and build a restaurant and event center you can be sure of. The Escondido area will host the Bellamy with a French feel and cuisine. Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203

In fact, it’s in a great area that everyone can feel good about inviting their guests to. Modern Luxury reports Bellamy restaurant is one of the fastest growing restaurants in the San Diego area. If you can disern good taste you will love dining with them on their plush event area with scenic views.

Brian Bonar is well known for being a pillar of the community and he works very hard for the San Diego area with attention to detail. As a CEO he still works with the local community and giving to many charitable events.

His colleagues speak highly of Bonar’s business savvy and how quickly Bellamy has become popular. Bonar’s goal is to attract upward moving professionals. Brian Bonar continues to be the go to guy for many professionals in the San Diego area.

The recent renovations has created more space for anyone interested in hosting an event. Bellamy is new to the restaurant industry, but they’re making a huge name for themselves. Bonar contributes his success to customer service, great space, and the best food in the industry.