DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

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Hussain Sajwani was born in 1952 at Sharjah, UAE. He was taken to an Indian spice trader who also sold watches, shirts, pens, and goods that he imported from China. Hussain’s first language was Hindu, which he used even when he began working. Husain was lucky enough to get a scholarship which helped him pursue a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Washington University.

After graduating from the University of Washington, his career began by him working as a contract manager at GASCO. Shortly after, he established his own business, and in 1982 he quit formal employment to pursue his catering venture which is still functional.

DAMAC Properties and Hussain’s Interview

In 2002, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties which is one of the largest property development companies in the whole of Middle East. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani mentioned that free trade should never be considered a luxury.

He said this at a time when he has got a lot of backlash for getting support from the Trump Organization in building the numerous golf courses. Hussain further added that he had not experienced any hindrances when working with the Trump organization, as the organization has been consistent in offering quality service.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani also highlights that he has no interest in U.S. politics, but further adds that he believes that free trade is an essential stake in a country’s business development and growth. He says this with a lot of confidence because DAMAC properties is a Middle Eastern company operating in the United States and therefore Sajwani experiences the challenges that come with international business first hand.

DAMAC Properties Business

During the past year, there have been terrible international trade conditions that have had a direct impact on DAMAC Properties, seeing a decline of close to $3.6 billion. It does not scare Sajwani as he insists that he has been in business for close to 38 years, and the losses are not a surprise to him. Instead, he highlights that the company is focusing on ways to better their business while retaining a very high level of activity.

DAMAC Properties has recently built a series of flashing luxury properties in the Dubai Marina, as well as golf and residential properties, parks, and villas. However, the bigger vision of the company is to have a market share in European cities, in their attempt to be the best worldwide.

Find out more about HSDO: https://hussainsajwani.com/ar/profile/

Matthew Flagger’s Contribution to The Development of the Oil and Energy Sector

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Gold Coast Western LLC, the Managing Venture of Oil as well as Gas General Partnerships is prominently known as Joint Ventures. The organization combines resources, talent, and the industry know-how to its primary focus in developing as well as acquiring domestic oil and reserves that are situated in America’s gulf coast. Specifically, the company majors on properties that have geological and geophysical advantages that have well-developed structures. Therefore, Gulf Coast Western aspires to work with companies that have a substantial return and quantified downside risk to participating partners. As the head of the company, Matthew Fleeger oversees general operations by serving as the CEO. In the firm’s website, it’s clear that the company contributes to the overall success it has had with its partnerships. As such, the company attributes its success to its integrity and respect toward dealing with clients.

Matthew Flagger’s Role in The Company

Established in 1970, the family-oriented company is situated on the outskirts of Dallas but has various offices across Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Over the years, it has developed a strong footprint within the community where it has also expanded through two significant partnerships that directly contribute to its development. By virtue of one of its partners called Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration having acquired all the property rights from Gulf Coast Western.

Technology Supports Oil Harvesting

In 2015, many energy gurus were discussing the exponential growth and development of America’s energy sector of hydrocarbon reserves. Oil was in abundance with many predicting that America would be dependent on OPEC as well as other net oil exporters. Nevertheless, one of the most prominent developments in the history of oil and energy sector was the 2000s emerging drilling technologies that started hitting the industry suddenly. Oil that was considered economically infeasible when it comes to extracting for the first time was profitable. Therefore, most of the unrecovered oil that’s situated in hard shale formations throughout North America was accessible to harvesters who could make it useful. Two of the major technologies that have contributed to the development of the oil sector include horizontal drilling as well as hydraulic fracturing.

Guilherme Paulus Is A Brazilian Entrepreneur Who Is Passionate About The Work He Does

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Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian hotelier who doesn’t mind taking risks to bring his ideas to life. He knows that any idea can be a good thing or bad thing but that you never really know until you try it out.

As the leader of the board of advisors for GJP Hotels and Resorts and CVC Brazil, he has taken plenty of risks, and many of them have worked out just fine. In 1995, he opened the doors of his first hotel and has been building new hotels ever since.

Guilherme Paulus likes to begin every day by focusing on what he is grateful for. He feels happy to be alive on most days and remains curious about the world. He loves to plan his schedule for the next week by writing it out and has noticed that this helps him to feel more organized. Brazilian hotelier is excited about how technology is being used in the daily lives of people from all over the world. He is appreciative of the fact that information can be transferred so easily today, which enables him to understand what his customers want much quicker than in the past. He also loves to use technology to discover market trends and is glad to be alive in this day and age.

As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus enjoys being able to be in close contact with his hotels. He travels quite a bit to take a closer look at how each one is running quite often. This allows him to see what kinds of changes need to be made and also allows him to connect with customers and his employees. While many business owners prefer to leave the day-to-day operations to others, he enjoys taking care of this aspect of his business.

Guilherme Paulus was asked in a recent interview to talk about something he does time and time again that he feels all entrepreneurs should do. In response, he commented that entrepreneurs should love what they do. This helps them to expend more energy and spend more time focusing on what their customers want. When a person doesn’t enjoy their work, they end up feeling tired and worn out all of the time.

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Auriemo Neto’s Success in Real Estate and JHSF

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JHSF began like any other venture but approached business differently. That made the primary difference between the company and other competitors. After establishment in 1972, the entity started to pursue new avenues of business. The leadership also sought opportunities for expanding in the future. The company has a policy of flexibility for development and offering sufficient support in undertaking tasks.

Since 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto had been the chairman and CEO of the JHSF. The company is a participant in advancing and enhancing shopping centers, airports, hotels and luxury properties for both the public and private sectors. JHSF is founded on solid pillars of quality, development, and advancement. The team of experts and professionals are excellent in creating practical strategies for improvement.

The organization has a meticulous structure that formulates tasks and sees them to the end. This approach ensures that the right work is done and allocated to the right personnel. How the hands-on work happens is critical in achieving the mission of JHSF. The company aims to improve the properties and make Brazil a better nation. Auriemo has been using various methods and techniques to reach this target. This organization is a Brazilian entity, but Auriemo has led to impact people beyond borders. JHSF has a bright future in international real estate business.

Auriemo Neto has made an excellent name for himself in real estate. He is the driver behind the success of JHSF. He has over two decades of experience in establishing ventures and leading them to prosperity. His brilliant work has propelled the real estate sector to high heights. Since Neto took over the leadership of JHSF, the company has acquired numerous ventures and added immeasurable value to the company.

One of the assets that have brought Neto where he is today is partnerships. Having business relationships with other people either thrives or fails a business. In Neto’s experience, his business partnerships were beneficial. Although Neto has succeeded in the real estate business, he still has goals to achieve. He believes in pursuing further goals when you accomplish the ones you had. Auriemo will leave a great legacy in the organization when he retires.

Aloha Construction, Inc. Receives Well Deserved BBB Torch Award

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Lake Zurich’s Aloha Construction has received the Better Business Bureau’s prestigious Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. This incredible honor is presented to companies that demonstrate high ethical practices and social responsibility within their communities. This company has been proudly serving the Lake Zurich and surrounding areas roofing and siding needs for the last decade. The award highlights the ongoing commitment of the company to bettering the community in which they serve.

Since 2008, Aloha Construction has provided excellent service to their customers. The company offers free annual roof inspections and will walk customers through the financial side of the process as well. A quick search of the company reveals many satisfied customers who report quality and efficient work. They continually show their commitment to their customers and willingness to stand by their work by offering their 10-Year Craftsmanship Warranty.

Lead by CEO Dave Farbaky, Aloha Construction strives to give its employees complete training and permanent positions within the company. Workers report an atmosphere of respect for both management and the crew. The company also offers rewards for high performing employees, such as the annual week long all expenses paid resort trip to Maui, Hawaii.

Over the last decade, Aloha Construction has become a charitable pillar within the local community. The company continues to give back to the community by sponsoring many various sports teams over the years while also partnering with charitable organizations. Recently the company partnered with OMNI Youth Services to send a twelve year old boy with congestive heart failure and eleven of his friends to a Chicago Bulls game. The company also continues to be involved with local food drives and churches.

Aloha Construction continues to be a valuable asset in their community by providing exceptional service to their customers, a superior work environment for their employees, and invaluable support to local sports teams and charities.