Handy Can Help You Keep the Workplace Clean on Your Terms

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It’s great when companies try to make working hours better for everyone. In fact, keeping your office clean is one very simple way to make working at your company pleasant and even fun for most of your staff.

A beautiful office can also work well as a deal closer when your top sales reps bring clients in for presentations and meetings.

One of the main reasons companies don’t keep workplaces as clean as they should is because they don’t want to budget in the regular expense. Cleaning companies also like to rope other businesses into contracts that are much larger than necessary. They figure that if you run a business, you can pay more than their residential clients can. It’s as if they assume the money you have to spend comes from a place where money grows on trees, when in reality, it comes in from your profits, investment capital you’re lucky to have or business loans. Money doesn’t grow on trees in any of these places and it can hurt quite a bit to pay too much for a service.

When you want cleaning done right for your business, you don’t have to get roped into a hefty contract. You can actually pay as you go with an innovative cleaning app called Handy. Handy links local, professional home cleaning personnel with people looking to hire them through the app for one time jobs or regular weekly or monthly jobs. You can cancel at any time without penalty and if a cleaner or several cleaners don’t work out for you, you can mix and match and choose who works best for your organization. You can put together your own team.

No matter what type of establishment you own, having it cleaned regularly is the best way to run things. With Handy, you can even have a new cleaner come in every week. There really are no rules. You can focus on running your business and not on managing your deal with yet another vendor.

Handy is great for hiring professional cleaners in your area to clean:

  • Office buildings,
  • Stores,
  • Medical buildings,
  • Hospitals,
  • Schools,
  • Manufacturing plants,
  • Public buildings, and
  • Much more

Of course you can also hire Handy cleaners to clean your home. In fact welldressedgeek.me reveals, that’s what many people do and how the business first started. However, it’s expanded into much more. Give them a call today!

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