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The rise of technology has led to the growth of digital marketing agencies across the world. Companies are competing to be the very best in the field, and White Shark Media has not been left behind. White Shark is a digital marketing agency that was established in the year 2011 after three Danish men with experience and expertise on matters to do with online marketing came together.

The primary purpose of creating White Shark was to offer businesses and individuals marketing services through online platforms such as Disqus. It works in close collaboration with medium sized businesses, and this enables them to grow and expand their services to clients in North America.

White Shark Media is a preferred media agency because of the world class services it offers its customers. It has successfully cultivated a good working relationship with its clients by ensuring that they get the very best. The company also provides that at all times its clients get what they request when doing their online marketing campaigns.

In addition to giving its customers the very best, White Shark Media Review team has dedicated itself to ensuring that it’s open to customer’s suggestions and contributions. This dedication, in turn, enables them to improve its service provision. Through its website, it has received complaints from customers that allow them to correct any mistakes, and this has helped it receive positive ratings. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Its customer’s review section has also enabled it to track its performance. Reviews can be found on Through a recent survey by Topseos, it is praised for having a good client retention.

It has managed to keep its customers since its inception. reports that its retention rate is currently at 8-10%. It also has its Google Plus page,, where it has succeeded to build a good client base and also promote its services online.


The company regularly updates its followers on how to carry out their AdWords campaigns, why they should use White Shark as a marketing agency and more about online marketing. One of the co-founders of White Shark, Andrew Lolk gives a quick review of what the company offers by stating that they have the experience and expertise to provide online marketing services.

White Shark has risen to be among the best digital marketing agencies and the recent awards and reviews prove this.

More and More Entities are Learning the Value of Reputation Management

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The University of California Davis has invested a lot of money trying to fix its online reputation in the fallout of the notorious pepper spray incident in 2011. The incident involved campus police using pepper spray against students, and the public relations fallout was immense.

UC Davis wants to fix its reputation and is paying out $175,000 to reputation firms to correct things.

Some might be very curious as to why UC Davis would spend so much money to address a controversy from 2011. Wouldn’t people have forgotten about it by now?

In a speech at a major marketing convention, Darius Fisher stated that problems no longer go away or become forgotten due to Google. Google indexes news reports and that is where they remain until something is done to shake up the search engine rankings. Fisher speaks the truth here because Google is not going to alter its rankings until something is done to replace the current results.

Darius Fisher is probably the most well-known name in the world of reputation management. Currently, he runs Status Labs from his position as president of the firm. Fisher draws on a lot of personal and professional experience in public relations, digital marketing, and crisis management to run Status Labs in the best possible manner. He has surely been successful as Status Labs has grown incredibly during his leadership tenure.

More and more people in the private and public sector are coming to the understanding reputation management is a necessary component of modern internet marketing.

UC Davis’ hiring of a reputation management firm reveals the higher education world knows the value of maintaining a pristine reputation. Educational institutions are not the only entities embracing reputation management. Political ones are as well.

Politicians and people running for office realize they have to proactively fix their online reputation. Even absent a reputation crisis, politicians and political workers should make sure search engine results reflect positive – totally positive – material. Again, reputation management can be proactive and not always reactive. In truth, being proactive is usually a better strategy since actions may deflect damage if a crisis arises. Follow Darius on Twitter for more news and information.