The U.S. Money Reserve: One of the Best


The United States Money Reserve is a bullion and coin dealer that specializes in selling silver, gold, bars, and platinum coins. The Company also sells commemorative coins as well as the sale of proof. Along with all these amazing products, which you can purchase at a certain price, are catalogues of bullion coins as well as all kinds of certified products that are guaranteed to fit any kind of client.

Along with all the great products, they are also well known for their quality service because they serve their customers with only the great customer service.

According to Glassdoor, the United States Money Reserve has been well known for being one of the best and one of the largest silver and gold distributers in the United states. The company was first formed in 2001, and has since then been one of the greatest companies in terms of silver and gold distribution.

The company along with its other products, are also well known for their fast shipping, usually upon approval of the credit card, the customer’s purchased item will be distributed and shipped to the customer within the next 24 hours of the order, and will be at the customer’s door step within the next 3 days.

Along with the great service, they will also include a 100% money back guarantee if the order has a defect or has not been sent to them. They will be able to get a new item if they have sent it within the next 30 days of purchase. Take note though, that this service will not apply if you have purchased bars or bullion coins.

The United States Money Reserve has also been known to be the only company that has been managed by Philip N. Diehl, who was he former Mint Director and has been named the President of the company as of January of 2014.

Although he was named the president of the company, it was founded by the gold market veterans along with their clients and has served a total of 100 experienced professionals, which includes the numismatic experts, senior gold specialists and the coin research specialists.

Until now, the company has continued on their streak for being one of the best distributors of coins in the United States. Under the watchful eye of their president, they will continue to do well towards their clients as well as be one of the most trusted distributors for bullion coins and bars in the United States.