Focusing on Education, Solvy Changes Lives


In a Flickr group of pix, Alexei Beltyukov is a doctor turn venture capitalist looking to help Russian startup companies. He received his Doctrine in medicine with distinction in 1994. Three years later, he went to INSEAD to get his Master’s in Business Administration. In addition to his degrees, he boasts a Singularity University Executive Program Certification and a Stanford University Building a Successful Business Program Certification.

Working his way up to founding his multiple businesses, Alexei Beltyukov started out as an Associate of McKinsey and Company, where he co-authored the Russian rail system. He worked with them for five years and then moved on to become the Vice President at Brunswick Capital.

After several years with Brunswick Capital, he became the CEO of the Renova Project. All of these jobs lead him to becoming a Founder and managing partner of A-ventures, a management company that helped young web companies in the UK become successful.

Alexei sold A-ventures and began to focus on SOLVY, an American based company out of San Francisco that focuses on helping teachers reach students while simultaneously making their lives easier through homework creation and completion online. He has several other businesses he is making an impact in.

INSEAD was where Alexei Beltyukov found his passion. He was the first recipient of the Lister Vickery scholarship, which allowed him to get through school and support his family. It is because of other’s help that he began to appreciate the value of a good education.

To show his appreciation, he spent four years at the university helping other MBA students build their business, as well as starting a scholarship program for Russians looking to become INSEAD students.

He still works with the Russian government assisting them with the Skolkovo Foundation which provides different grants and opportunities to technologist startup companies and those looking to expand.A man who started out as a doctor and took the opportunity to become a businessman made a decision that changed his life. Through his education, he is trying to do the same for others.