Professional Life of Todd Lubar

Love For Business

Todd Lubar has spent over 20 years’ career in real estate helping others fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners. For several years, Lubar has ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators in the country. He has also worked with other industries such as construction, mortgage banking, and entertainment industry. Surprisingly, Todd’s first job was at a grocery store but learned that he wasn’t into the grocery business. TDL Global was born as a result of his attempt to offer relief by eliminating barriers that prevent people from receiving loans after working in finance and credit industry for 20 years. Todd is organized and has knowledge of what is happening at every level of his business.

Lubar urges that constant hard work is essential in building a successful business. According to him, the people you surround you with and how one promotes the culture of trust in his/her business influences personal and business growth. Todd also emphasizes on nurturing a culture of honesty and confidence in the firm. Todd Lubar has Fitbit, an activity tracker that keeps him accountable, tracks his sleep, plays to his competitive spirit and whips him into shape. Technology excites Todd primarily the home remote characteristics such as lights, security cameras and a/c control using the phone. In his Twitter page, Todd recommends ‘the Magic of Thinking Big’ as the book that everyone should read to learn how to make the best use of personal and professional time.

According to Yelp, Todd’s initial venture into real estate and finance was a loan instigator with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He gained knowledge on the model of conservative Mortgage banking. Lubar spent his time developing connections with financial planners, Real Estate Agents and insurance agents. Todd has also served in equity position with Legacy Financial Group.