Billy McFarland Brings a Dream Into Reality

Black Card, New York Harbor

Billy McFarland is living a dream, one which has been percolating within him for a long time. At the tender age of 13, he started a company that linked prospective clients with a local service company, and he was successful.

As a college freshman at Bucknell University, he started a company called Spling which fashioned URLs into a graphical mosaic which gave a colorful and well-received image to a bland letters and numbers URL The company is still a profitable venture, with Billy McFarland continuing at the helm as CEO.

In 2013 McFarland birthed Magnises, the company for millennials. This venture has been wildly successful because it struck a chord with up-and-coming managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. The secret to all of this progress is the Black Card. The Black Card works just like a credit or debit card. In fact, it copies the data on the member’s cards and it can be used as such. Only this time, the Black Card not only processes the charge, but it does it at a very nice discount.

This is great because the restaurants, bars, clubs, fitness centers, travel opportunities and events are where the millennials are spending their leisure time anyway. The discount is a real boost towards membership, but other perks are coming to the forefront all of the time.

Recently, the Tesla company invited a group of members to the race track for a tryout of some of Tesla’s new cars. Another company sponsored a “booze cruise” out in the New York Harbor, with a candlelight dinner in the moonlight as a touching finale.

Membership in Magnises is a reasonable $250 annually with all the bells and whistles, perks and privileges available at the convenience of the member. The demographic focus is centered upon professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers in the 21 through 35-year-old age groups.

Millennials like to hang out together so they can meet new people like themselves and get to know how others are handling similar situations. They love to talk about themselves, yet are anxious to find out what other people are doing about similar situations.

With over 10,000 members at the end of 2015, it looks like Magnises is on the way to a successful reality. Billy McFarland has truly made his dream a reality, which is likely to continue for a very long time.