Anthony Petrello Continues Leadership of Nabors

Oil Industry

Nabors Industries is a major company in the energy and technology industry. The company is best known for developing and producing innovative products used by companies that drill for oil and other energy solutions. Nabors has continued to be a leader in the industry and currently provides products for land drilling, offshore drilling, directional drilling, and specialty drilling. They also provide a number of different software and technology solutions to help drillers be more organized and efficient.

Nabors Industries’ success relies largely on the leadership of its key executives. For the past 25 years, Tony Petrello has led the company. He was elected to the Board of Directors and named the Executive of the Board in 1991, a position that he still holds today. From 1991 until 2011 he was the President and CEO of the company. In 2011 he was promoted and named the CEO as well as the Chairman of the Board.

In his role as CEO and Chairman, Petrello is largely involved in the future growth and strategic development of the company. He provides the organization with a high-level strategy, which has allowed the company to succeed during a wide range of economic cycles.

Before he joined the firm in 1991, Petrello worked for a major law firm, Baker and McKenzie. While working in law, he focused on a range of different practices including international tax and arbitration law, general counsel, and tax. He was one of the managing partners of the firm until his resignation in 1991. Prior to starting at the firm, Petrello received his JD from Harvard and BS and MS from Yale.

While Petrello is very involved in the continued management and growth of Nabors Industries, he is also involved in a number of different charitable causes. He is currently on the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital, which provides clinical and research support to help address the medical needs of young children with a variety of medical disorders.

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