On Entrepreneur Jason Hope and Why the Internet of Things can Transform the Future of Medicine

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Anyone who owns a mobile phone knows how worrying it can be to always be concerned about the possibility of going over one’s allotted data limit. Whether a smartphone user is streaming a television show on their phone’s Netflix app or downloading a new episode of a podcast the possibility is always hanging in the background that the user might run out of data and thus be charged more money or forced to endure slower speeds until a new cycle of data rolls around. The possibility of exceeding a data limit or having to deal with slow speeds when streaming a movie one one’s phone is annoying and perplexing. But the stakes for the limits of the 4G network are raised much higher when it comes to the Internet of Things.

The phrase Internet of Things might seem a bit vague but whether or not the average person is familiar with it, it is actually a much larger part of their lives than they recognize. When people think of the concept of getting online they often think of sitting down in front of a laptop or taking their cell phone out of their pockets and clicking an app that will allow them to access the internet. The Internet of Things expands and disrupts this concept in that it refers to the ability of everyday devices: a Nissan sedan, a television set in a living room or a Frigidaire to access the internet. His Twitter Profile.

Increasingly corporations that are in the business of manufacturing cars and other devices with functions beyond communication or research are looking into creating objects that have the ability to be connected to the internet. Entrepreneur Jason Hope is a futurist and advocate for the Internet of Things. Hope is particularly interested in the ways that the Internet of Things might contribute to the future of medicine. In the past he donated $500,000 to the SENS research foundation to support research that was focused on biotechnology. Hope is interested in the ways that technology can be used to solve the health problems that are caused by the process of aging.

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