Brian Bonar Plans for Bellamy’s Restaurant in Escondido


The digital edition of San Diego Magazine from August 2013 featured a review by Troy Johnson of a new restaurant in nearby Escondido, Bellamy’s.

Escondido is located 30 miles from downtown San Diego, here the local economy has seen an influx of gourmet restaurants, helping to establish Escondido as an artful, funky alternative to dining in San Diego.

Escondido is now home to Bellamy’s and master chef Patrick Ponsaty, acknowledged as one of the state’s finest French chefs. The interior design of Bellamy’s is quite ordinary and disappointing; the signage was amateur and very disappointing, but the food was superb.

The owner and driving force behind Bellamy’s is Brian Bonar, who, along with his duties at Bellamy’s, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept, Inc.

Bellamy’s offers some of the finest food in San Diego, served by a top-notch staff. They, only, have to change the dining rooms and the signs to be equal to the cuisine, and Bellamy’s would become a winner.

Bonar was fortunate to be able to select and hire staff from one of his own personal favorite restaurants, El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

This restaurant was undergoing a total overhaul and the timing was perfect for Bonar. He was able to find experienced, competent pros, already used to serving clients at exclusive restaurants. Bonar, also, was able to recruit a talented, young cook, Mike Reidy, for the executive chef position at Bellamy’s.

But Bonar has a grander plan for the future. He intends to establish a huge restaurant complex on a 144 acre property in Bandy Canyon.

He wants to transform this large, grassy space into a luxurious four-star facility, housing another of his own signature restaurants.

Troy Johnson, the restaurant reviewer for the San Diego Magazine, was put off by the signage of Bonar’s Bellamy’s, but the food and the service were superb. And what, after all, is a good restaurant all about.