Venezuelan People Receive Thirty Percent Wage Increase

Venezuela News

President Maduro announced on Saturday that the Venezuelan people will receive a 30 percent rise in pay effective May first. This raise in pay is supposed to help bolster the economy that has seen daily power cuts, rising inflation, and now the latest energy saving measure, moving clocks forward 30 minutes to help alleviate Venezuelas already overworked electrical grid.
President Maduro is placing many band aids over some real serious issues that the country, under his administration, is facing says Danilo Diaz Granados. I don’t believe that concentrating on minor fixes will lead to the bigger solutions this country is facing.

The Venezuelan government firmly believes that if they can hold onto the forced restrictions until the rainy season starts then the Guri reservoir to have the water necessary to generate the country’s power.

The rainy season is forty days or more away. Even if it started raining now, Danilo Diaz believes that a nationwide pay increase is not enough to help Venezuela’s sinking ship. President Maduro needs to enlist help now from humanitarian organizations in order to help better his people’s living conditions and salvage his presidential term.