Norka Luque Is The Next Shakira According To Music Experts

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There is something about Latin music that lifts the spirit and makes the body want to dance. Singers like Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Gloria Trevi, Natalia Jiménez and Ricky Martin have crossed over into the world of rock and roll, and they have turned American dance clubs into sizzling Latino-inspired hubs. Great singers withstand the test of time, so it’s hard for young, talented singers to break into the exclusive world of popular music. But one Venezuelan singer is making a name for herself in the music business because she has what it takes to sing with the best singers in the world. That young artist is Norka Luque, the Latino dance club sensation. Norka released her first single in 2011, and it immediately was a hit in the Latino dance clubs in Miami, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Norka’s second single, Milagro, hit #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and the song found its way into the mainstream dance clubs. Milagro stayed on top of the Venezuelan Music Charts for 14 straight weeks.

Norka’s story is a simple one. Her parents recognized her talent when she was five. She was cast in a Luis Miguel musical when she was eight. That was the year Norka fell in love with Shakira’s music because the musical featured Shakira’s music. Norka continued to study piano, and she took voice lesson through secondary school. Her parents sent her to France to study business administration. They knew Norka would need an education and a profession to fall back on if her dream of becoming a pop star faded. Norka Luque joined a small rock group called Bad Moon Rising while she was studying in France and that was the start of her career in dance clubs. The clubs around her school were filled when Norka and the band were booked to play.

Norka loved France, but she knew she had to move to the United States if she wanted to be discovered by a big-time record producer. After attending a Ricky Martin concert in 2006, Norka made the move to Miami, and she started singing in a club on South Beach. Emilio Estefan, the musical genius behind the Miami Sound Machine, heard Norka sing and decided to produce her first album. The first single from that album earned her a female vocalist of the year nomination in 2011. Her second single, Milagro, stayed on the Billboard dance charts for weeks. Norka is enjoying the fame she always wanted, but she hasn’t left her compassion and love for people behind. Follow Norka on Twitter @norka_music to learn more.