Doe Deere and Lime Crime Are Taking The Fashion World By Storm



Doe Deere has gone from a little girl selling temporary tattoos in Russia to a pioneer of the fashion world with her makeup brand, Lime Crime. Lime Crime is known for offering lip and eye makeup in unique colors.


Lime Crime hit the fashion scene back in 2008, after spending four years as a registered account on eBay. The original plan was to create a DIY fashion line, and Doe Deere planned to model all her creations for her new line. She wanted to wear bright makeup that matched her DIY fashions. However, Deere had trouble finding products in vibrant colors. The dilemma would become the solution when Deere got the idea to start her own line of makeup. She wanted to offer makeup in bright, dark and vibrant colors to fit all personality traits.


A typical day at Lime Crime starts with a meeting with the Creative Director to go over various projects. The day also consists of meetings with the President, Vice President and COO of the company. Deere insists on holding meetings to ensure everyone is ready to work together. She spends the rest of her day working with her chemist to develop new products. Deere always tries a product out on herself before releasing it to her customers.


Lime Crime offers Matte and Metallic Velvetines in a variety of colors, including Red Rose, Squash, Eclipse and Posh. Velvetines are popular among customers because they are designed to last throughout the day without cracking or smearing. The other makeup products include Unicorn Lipstick, Perlees and Diamond Crushers. Customers can rest assured that the products will not flake, run or ruin their other makeup.


The company also provides beautiful and long lasting eye makeup, such as the Liquid Liners. Liquid Liners are designed to last all day without flaking or smudging. The Venus and Venus II Palettes are perfect for customers who enjoy wearing eye shadow. The Superfoils can be worn with or without water, and they feature vibrant colors and plenty of glitter. Lucid and Dream, Crystal and Halo and Lawn and Flamingo are just a few of the duo sets found in the new Superfoils series. Customers can find Lime Crime products on the official website or in Urban Outfitters retail stores.


Doe Deere and Lime Crime have taken the fashion world by storm, and there is no limit to what they can do in the future.

Malini Saba’s Investment and Career Profile

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Malini Saba is a well-known investor and philanthropist living in the United States but born to Sri Lankan parents. She the founder and chairman of Saban, a firm she started and still retains various investment interests across the world. Her dealings include real estate in India and Australia, gas and oil in China, and technology firms in the U.S.A.


Malini Saba’s Investment Journey


Malini is a world-class investor and entrepreneur who began her career as a silicon venture capitalist in the 1990s. Malini has broad knowledge and experience in investing in over twenty technology firms which include Netscreen, Juniper Networks, and Sycamore among others. She has a passion for philanthropy, and that is what propels her success. Malini thought ahead of globalization and considered to invest beyond the U. S and expanded to South America and Asia. She invested heavily in commodity firms with her most successful being in the gas and oil industry.


The formation of Stree Global Investment


Malini Saba formed a non-profit company in 2001. Her company, Stree Global Investments is focused on changing the lives of disadvantaged women and children across the globe. She seeks to help them recognize their role in the society. The company attracted the interests of Bill Clinton, the former U.S President who also presided over its launch. Through this organization, women and children get access to quality healthcare, offer a platform for a grassroots movement, and legal empowerment. It connects people with public policy in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Malini Saba and Her Philanthropy Works


Malini made a donation of one million dollars to jump-start the creation of a world-class Heart and Research Unit for South Asia. The project was at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California. She toured Sri Lanka and India when a Tsunami struck and pledged another $ 10 million to the victims of the tragedy.


The commodity market is what excites Malini the most. She observes that even though the industry is unpredictable, it brings in high returns and just like in real estate, you must flow with the current. Malini is not afraid of taking risks. She has dared to invest in countries don’t tread and believes that if an individual has factual information, and researched well, they must move swiftly. She encourages other entrepreneurs to be risk takers and think differently to make it in the investment industry.


Malini Saba‘s major influence is Steve Jobs who she says was a fighter who stood his ground. Even after his company threw him out, he came back stronger and made it what it is today. Malini says it takes self-belief and vision to see and walk the path.

Hall Capital Management Adopts a Culture of Integrity


Hall Capital is among the largest and most successful companies in Bay Area. The firm has $ 24 billion assets together with strong returns that have attracted many admirers. According to the CEO Kathryn Hall, the company’s goal is to embrace work ethics and create a good working environment for its workers. Kathryn also believes that ethnic diversity and education are crucial tools that make the firm great besides making money for its clients.

Kathryn Hall works alongside Helane Morrison, the managing director and the firm’s chief compliance officer. The presence of the two executives is a strong showing of women’s capability to lead in the top ranks. The setup is also a display of women in top leadership as a natural part of the company’s goals to diversify its labor force. The firm has approximately 130 employees and a strong research team consisting of 20 people. Morrison believes that the company has made successful efforts aimed at upholding accountability, integrity and compliance among its clients and staff.

Helane Morrison is an active figure and partner at Hall Capital. She is a member of the team since 2007, and she is instrumental at ensuring the staff operates within the laws designed to govern the company. Before she joined Hall Capital, Morrison was the head of US Securities and Exchange Commission at the San Francisco Office from 1999. She was in charge of litigations and securities law enforcement in Northern California and the North West States. Morrison started practicing law in 1986 at Howard law firm in San Francisco.

Morrison is an active member of the society who goes out of her way to make a positive impact in everyone’s life. She spends part of her time as a periodic speaker on matters on compliance and other legal issues affecting the financial sector. She is also a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and Hedge Fund Committee of the American Bar Association. In 2012, Ms Morrison became part of a committee formed to help raise funds for needy people and educate people on effects of false advertisement on compliance laws.

Helane is a graduate of Northwestern University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.  She is one of the women who will not relent to ensure companies uphold integrity and diversity in their premises.