John Holt, President and CEO of Dallas based NexBank, was the subject of a recent article on PR Newswire’s website. The article briefly discussed his participation as a panelist at the latest bankers convention. According to the article, the convention was the fifth annual Texas Bankers Strategic Opportunities Conference. The convention was held in New Orleans.

Mr. Holt sat on the panel of a discussion on the topic of using innovation for competing with other banks for business. Mr. Holt was a very active member of the panel. His ideas were very well received by the other panel participants and the spectators alike.

Nexbank is a fairly successful bank that is located in the Dallas metropolitan area. One of the bank’s main focus is one personal banking. The financial institution offers its’ customers a variety of checking and savings accounts for their personal financial needs. Savings accounts include traditional accounts, as well as high-yielding money market accounts for higher balance accounts. The checking accounts also have various features including; Visa check cards, ATM access, online bill pay, electronically sent monthly statements, and more.

The bank also offers a variety of mortgage lending options for individuals looking to purchase or refinance a home in the Dallas, and surrounding, areas. The website offers a variety of tools for individuals to use for figuring out how much of a loan they can afford to checking current rate options. There is also a checklist for individuals to insure they have the proper documentation to bring to the mortgage loan application appointment. The mortgage lending staff are well experienced and ready to help make theses transactions flow as smoothly as possible.

NexBank has been in business since 1934. It is currently the 13th largest bank in the state of Texas. It is also in the top 200 banks in the nation.