Hussain Sajwani was born in 1952 at Sharjah, UAE. He was taken to an Indian spice trader who also sold watches, shirts, pens, and goods that he imported from China. Hussain’s first language was Hindu, which he used even when he began working. Husain was lucky enough to get a scholarship which helped him pursue a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Washington University.

After graduating from the University of Washington, his career began by him working as a contract manager at GASCO. Shortly after, he established his own business, and in 1982 he quit formal employment to pursue his catering venture which is still functional.

DAMAC Properties and Hussain’s Interview

In 2002, Sajwani established DAMAC Properties which is one of the largest property development companies in the whole of Middle East. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani mentioned that free trade should never be considered a luxury.

He said this at a time when he has got a lot of backlash for getting support from the Trump Organization in building the numerous golf courses. Hussain further added that he had not experienced any hindrances when working with the Trump organization, as the organization has been consistent in offering quality service.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani also highlights that he has no interest in U.S. politics, but further adds that he believes that free trade is an essential stake in a country’s business development and growth. He says this with a lot of confidence because DAMAC properties is a Middle Eastern company operating in the United States and therefore Sajwani experiences the challenges that come with international business first hand.

DAMAC Properties Business

During the past year, there have been terrible international trade conditions that have had a direct impact on DAMAC Properties, seeing a decline of close to $3.6 billion. It does not scare Sajwani as he insists that he has been in business for close to 38 years, and the losses are not a surprise to him. Instead, he highlights that the company is focusing on ways to better their business while retaining a very high level of activity.

DAMAC Properties has recently built a series of flashing luxury properties in the Dubai Marina, as well as golf and residential properties, parks, and villas. However, the bigger vision of the company is to have a market share in European cities, in their attempt to be the best worldwide.

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