Kenneth Goodgame performs his duties as the vice president and the chief marketing officer of the True Value Hardware Company. He studied at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. At the institution, he managed to graduate with a degree in marketing and finance. This knowledge that Goodgame gained while at the University has proved to be beneficial to him in his illustrious career. The education has enabled him to perform well in the management of profit and losses in various companies. For example, he has been a leading light in the transformation of True Value Company to a leading brand that is now recognized globally.

Goodgame is famous in operations management. His area of specialization is the creation of millions of dollars from original equipment manufacturer in various organizations. In his work, he combines merchandising with innovative marketing to achieve excellent results in the overall performance of the company. Goodgame started his career when he joined Hardline D28 product merchant. His principal duties at the company involved purchases, line reviews, assortment and pricing. At some point, he worked with John Deere where they participated in the execution of various projects.
He has previously worked for the Husky and Workforce lines where he improved the return on investment by more than 43 percent. During promotions, he sets up the products first and then runs the promotion whose purpose is to enlighten shoppers about the products. Goodgame has worked in Newell Rubbermaid where he implemented various strategies that facilitated speedy growth of the company.

Goodgame realized his greatest achievement when he invented a technology for the mob products. He later patented the technology. When dealing with retail stores, Goodgame is known to place more emphasis on the end cap. The end cap has proved to be critical in sales due to its influence in driving up the sales. When doing end cap, the products are placed at a point at the end of the aisle where they are visible to the customers. Goodgame has proved to be a multi talented person. He is a brand recognition leader and a very creative person.

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