In the recent past, the power of the crowd has continually proven to be a significant determiner of consumer purchases. Most clients nowadays make their final purchases based on crowd-sourced reviews and personal recommendations from people they know. Following this change in consumer behavior, most renowned brands such as Fabletics have come up with review-centric marketing plans/strategies in a move to capitalize on the shift.


Since the inception of Fabletics back in 2013, the brand has experienced over 200% growth. It boasts of more than one million paying members and over $235 million in terms of revenue. Shawn Gold, the corporate marketing officer of TechStyle Fashion Group, cited that a considerable amount of this success is owed to embracing the power of the crowd or user reviews.


Consumer Reviews


Customer reviews can promote increased customer retention, improved brand loyalty and consumer acquisition across all industries. Most consumers today lead digital lives in that most of them buy items online. They research enterprises or sellers before making any purchase. For this reason, online reviews have increasingly shaped how such individuals make their shopping or purchasing decisions.


Through authentic customer reviews, a business can promote its bottom line. This increment in revenue results from capturing more clients and improved search engine rankings. Hence, including reviews into a business’ approach to customer service or product offerings earns higher LTV, loyal clients, repeat customers and increased return on customer acquisition investment.


Companies like TechStyle boosts the number of repeat customers through incorporating customer or user reviews into both its product offerings and policies. In fact, Fabletics ensures that it actively gathers, manages and responds to thousands of customer reviews.


Review Options


Review options have considerably increased, especially due to more clients seeking additional reviews. This trend has resulted in the growth of Yelp’s total reviews by 26% as well as growth of Trustpilot’s customer retention by 95%.


About Kate Hudson and Fabletics’ Success


Fabletics, one of TechStyle’s online subscription fashion brands, has grown from a mere start-up into a $250 million enterprise. Despite her lack of business background or experience, the success by the brand would not have materialized without the help of Kate Hudson and her team. Recently, she led Fabletics into celebrating the brand’s first ever partnership with a pop star, Demi Lovato. During the event, the superstar cited that she is not only in love with the company’s clothes but alsowith what it stands for, especially empowering and inspiring women to be the strong and the best versions of themselves.


Despite the challenges that Fabletics faced during its inception such as negative press and quality issues, Kate Hudson still pushed on with the brand. In fact, she was largely involved in making clear communication the focus for the company. To that end, Fabletics not only improved their customer service department but also implemented a new and better data system to make sure that they had the appropriate inventory levels. Aside from the company’s commitment to customer service and quality products, their partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group (parent company) and data-driven business approach have largely fueled their success.


If you are interested in enjoying the benefits of being a Fabletics member, you need to take a Lifestyle Quiz. It will help the company know your fashion tastes and preferences.