People are seeing more commercials for Fabletics, and there’s also a greater amount of exposure through interviews. Kate Hudson has done a lot of interviews that would almost be comparable to an artist that is going on tour to promote a new album. This is the type of intensity that she has shown with creating a brand awareness strategy that makes more people aware of her desire to acquire more consumers. She is reaching out to consumers in a way that Jeff Bezos never has for Amazon clothing customers. This will be the thing that sets her apart from Jeff and all the other adversaries in the clothing industry for women. She knows that showing her face and building her presence in the athletic clothing industry is the way that is going to be much more effective than sitting in the background and waiting for customers to buy based on general clothing searches.


Kate Hudson is aware that more brick-and-mortar stores will bring forth a greater awareness for the brand. She has worked her online crowd very well with social media, but she knows that there comes a time where the best thing that one can do is consider the market outside of the internet. This is going to be important for her because she is competing with someone that is already dominating the online market. Jeff already has this locked down with Amazon and she is trying to compete directly with him. The best way to see is going to be able to do this is to conquer the market he has not been able to touch. Amazon does not have any physical stores, and that is going to play a very important part in building a competitive advantage against Amazon.


Fabletics is the company that is much smaller than Amazon, but Kate is making sure that consumers have more clothing options to consider. She’s able to do this because this is her entire business. For Amazon athletic clothing for women is a fraction of the revenue. For Kate Hudson athletic clothing for women is 100% of her revenue. She has a greater focus because she has no other choice. This is what she sells and this is what she knows will be the driving force for overshadowing what Jeff Bezos is doing with Amazon in the clothing Market. She is well on her way to expanding Fabletics offline.

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