The Ubuntu Education Fund managed to raise more than £603,000 from a charity event in conjunction with Andrew Rolfe in London. The money was planned for expanding students’ capacity at Port Elizabeth campus. Besides, some funds were to be directed towards the improvement of the pediatric clinic run by the campus. Ubuntu Education Fund has over 400,000 disadvantaged beneficiaries in Africa. The Fund takes good care of the disadvantaged children’s health and education until they are fully ready for a career. Ubuntu was started in 1999 with the primary objective of supporting education. However, the fund later began to provide other essentials like food and healthcare.

During the charity celebrations, Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of Ubuntu Fund welcomed individuals like Sinesipho who is a beneficiary of the Fund. Sinesipho gave a personal testimony that moved the audience prompting people to give generously. Ubuntu Education Fund is currently sponsoring over 2,000 children within Port Elizabeth, particularly from the needy homes. These children are provided with healthcare and vocational training to help them support their families financially later in life. Moreover, Ubuntu has been in the first line in the fight against HIV transmission by educating people about HIV and AIDS. Around 90 percent of Ubuntu scholars attend major universities.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew graduated with a master’s degree from Harvard Business School in Business Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from the Oxford University. Besides, Rolfe serves as the managing director for TowerBook Capital Partners that deals with food services as well as hospitality acquisitions and investment opportunities that are available throughout Europe and the United States.

Furthermore, Andrew Rolfe has served in the capacity of an executive for the Gap, Inc. where he led the clothing brand into the global market. Rolfe is also an innovator and has assisted companies such as True Religion Apparel, Inc. and J. Jill to expand their markets to international levels. He is also a professional with leadership skills and always searches for ways that can be used to improve and increase opportunities for the less fortunate people.