The Internet of things is the latest technology to hit the universe. It is a relatively new concept that is gaining ground by the day. Many companies and individuals continue to accept the concept as the future of technology. Internet of Things is a concept whereby common devices (electronic) connect with each other and share information that will help them assist each other in the implementation of tasks. As of today, many people are familiar with the concept where one can connect their car to their mobile phones. In such a scenario, it is possible to control your vehicle using a phone. This is now a commonly used feature. This is now the concept of Internet of Things in application. However, this is just the concept in its initial stages of implementation. There is so much more to do with this concept.

With the Internet of Things, it will be possible for one to order a device to prepare breakfast simply by speaking to the machines. It will be possible for your refrigerator to alert you when some items are nearing expiration through  mobile devices. This is the concept we are talking about. In as much as it is mind-boggling, it is a technology that is already being rolled out. Companies are trying as much as possible to bring their resources together and come up with applications that will support the implementation of this technology. It is clear that in the future it will be possible to interact with household devices easily and have them assist human beings to implement some of the tasks.

Another area that will see tremendous growth with the advent of the Internet of Things concept is the healthcare department. There are numerous cases of patients passing on due to emergency cases that remain unattended. This scenario is usually due to unavailability of doctors or nurses who can respond swiftly. However, in almost all cases, the doctors are normally not aware of the cases as they happen. Now with the Internet of Things technology, it is possible to track the health data of every patient. In case there is an emergency, there will be an alert to the doctors or nurses who will be able to address the situation.

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Jason Hope is normally referred as a futurist. He hopes to predict the direction technology is likely to follow in the near future. Jason is a firm believer that technology has the capacity to change the lives of people. Jason Hope is one of the strongest advocates of the Internet of Things concept. He has published a lot of articles on the direction this technology is likely to lead us to.

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