There are millions of people across the world who is suffering due to human right violations, political unrest, terrorism, poverty, food shortage, lack of medical assistance, and more. These people are in need of help, and it is what the charity organizations provide.

Some of the notable charity organizations that have a presence in many countries across the globe are Amnesty International, Child Rights Information Network, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, International Federation for Human Rights, World Organization Against Torture, Human Rights Group, and more.

These organizations help in rehabilitating people in distress in various poverty and terrorism affected regions in the world. Many of the times, the volunteers working in these organizations even put their lives in danger to reach out to the people. It is such dedication that is needed to make the world a better place.

In the United States, the political situation seems stable, but there is a lot of dissatisfaction among the certain sections of the people as to where the country is heading and the decisions made by the government. Read more: Jim Larkin |

One of the sections of the people who are apparently unhappy with the reforms made by the present government and how the authorities, including the law enforcement agencies, are handling their situations, is migrants and refugees.

People arriving from other countries with supporting documents and having equal rights as any other American have reported being mistreated by the authorities. There is a racial disparity that has penetrated deep into the American society and the general notion against the immigrants, migrants, and the refugees, is unfair.

And, quite naturally, it is not a generalized sentiment, but the reports of discriminatory treatment by law enforcement agencies, police, and other authorities towards migrants are increasing with every passing day.

Two of the social and political activists namely Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been trying hard to help the Hispanic community in Arizona. They have seen how the Mexicans who cross the border in search for better lives have been mistreated by the law enforcement agencies, even those who are legal migrants.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey co-own Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media that has been actively highlighting the misadministration in the law enforcement agencies in the state of Arizona, particularly under the management of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which is what led to their arrest.

They were arrested without any valid or legal reason and thus, there was a national unrest that followed their arrest. Consequently, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were released from jail within a day and in the lawsuit, they filed against the state, they were compensated with $3.75 million by the state.

The fund they received in compensation was made into Frontera Fund, which is dedicated to helping the migrants and human rights abuse victims.

Many of the migrants have been jailed wrongfully and are in need of legal assistance, and it is what Frontera Fund can help in financing. Frontera Fund would also help in upholding the First Amendment Rights and migrant rights in the country.

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The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential – How were they Founded?

The Frontera Fund is a charitable fundraising organization founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. It was founded with the purpose to counteract the damage done by former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Since around 2005 Joe Arpaio had been using the Hispanic resident of Arizona to make a name for himself. Now The Frontera Fund is working to improve the lives of those targeted by the former sheriff.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also created Front Page Confidential, a newspaper. The two are no strangers to the journalism world. They co-owned the Phoenix New Times previously. They began their business relationship way back in college. They worked together to distribute a newsletter that gave alternative views to the school’s conservative stance on student protesting.


The journalists were able to create these two new organization because of a lawsuit. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were awarded $3.75 million. The lawsuit was a result of their illegal arrest back in 2007 by Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio arrest them because they published something he didn’t agree with in the Phoenix New Times.


About Joe Arpaio


Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years. Despite his horrible actions, citizens continued to vote him back into office. Joe Arpaio has been accused of intimidating and threatening political rivals as well. Just a year after taking office, in an attempt to combat prison over-population, he created Tent City. Arpaio himself described it as a concentration camp.


2007 wasn’t just the year he violated Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s first amendment. He also illegally arrested a Mexican tourist that eventually led to Arpaio being charged with criminal contempt of court;however, Donald Trump pardoned him of the crime.