In October of 2015, Slyce signed an official agreement to work with Shoe Carnival Inc. in order to offer their high demand footwear on Slyce’s newly integrated visual search application. After several months of preparation, Slyce has officially launched the program to offer Shoe Carnivals various footwear items that range in demographic. Shoe Carnival has 400 stores across the United States that offer their products. They specialize in providing affordable, name brands of shoes for women, men and children. Slyce made this agreement with Shoe Carnival, and they made several other agreements with retailers in the past year to offer various products through their visual search platform.

Slyce’s Integrated Visual Search Platform

Image Recognition is making online shopping much easier, and Slyce is a company that is at the head of this industry, so they are working with several retailers to offer various products to consumers. Their platform offers everything from clothing to household items. They have capabilities of selling anything that consumers can take a picture of, making the environment that surrounds their users a virtual marketplace. Consumers can take a picture of anything in their environment, including pictures of other pictures and pictures of QR codes or barcodes. The app from Slyce is free to use, and it is easy to get the hang of using.

Also, this application saves valuable time for the consumer because they do not have to wait in line, and they do not have to hunt for items online anymore. The app benefits the merchant or retailers because they are moving products quicker. There is also the incentive for the consumer to get things shipped right to their door, and retailers spend less money running their stores.

There was an article that Market Wired published on NASDAQ’s website about Slyce’s image recognition app and new relationship with Shoe Carnival Inc. The article gives some valuable insight into how these companies will work together. Basically, Slyce is making it easier for consumers and Shoe Carnival to work together. They are providing an easier alternative to the traditional ways of shopping in person and online.

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