Gold Coast Western LLC, the Managing Venture of Oil as well as Gas General Partnerships is prominently known as Joint Ventures. The organization combines resources, talent, and the industry know-how to its primary focus in developing as well as acquiring domestic oil and reserves that are situated in America’s gulf coast. Specifically, the company majors on properties that have geological and geophysical advantages that have well-developed structures. Therefore, Gulf Coast Western aspires to work with companies that have a substantial return and quantified downside risk to participating partners. As the head of the company, Matthew Fleeger oversees general operations by serving as the CEO. In the firm’s website, it’s clear that the company contributes to the overall success it has had with its partnerships. As such, the company attributes its success to its integrity and respect toward dealing with clients.

Matthew Flagger’s Role in The Company

Established in 1970, the family-oriented company is situated on the outskirts of Dallas but has various offices across Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Over the years, it has developed a strong footprint within the community where it has also expanded through two significant partnerships that directly contribute to its development. By virtue of one of its partners called Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration having acquired all the property rights from Gulf Coast Western.

Technology Supports Oil Harvesting

In 2015, many energy gurus were discussing the exponential growth and development of America’s energy sector of hydrocarbon reserves. Oil was in abundance with many predicting that America would be dependent on OPEC as well as other net oil exporters. Nevertheless, one of the most prominent developments in the history of oil and energy sector was the 2000s emerging drilling technologies that started hitting the industry suddenly. Oil that was considered economically infeasible when it comes to extracting for the first time was profitable. Therefore, most of the unrecovered oil that’s situated in hard shale formations throughout North America was accessible to harvesters who could make it useful. Two of the major technologies that have contributed to the development of the oil sector include horizontal drilling as well as hydraulic fracturing.