Fabletics Continues to Take Advantage of Customer Reviews to Boostits Success

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In the recent past, the power of the crowd has continually proven to be a significant determiner of consumer purchases. Most clients nowadays make their final purchases based on crowd-sourced reviews and personal recommendations from people they know. Following this change in consumer behavior, most renowned brands such as Fabletics have come up with review-centric marketing plans/strategies in a move to capitalize on the shift.


Since the inception of Fabletics back in 2013, the brand has experienced over 200% growth. It boasts of more than one million paying members and over $235 million in terms of revenue. Shawn Gold, the corporate marketing officer of TechStyle Fashion Group, cited that a considerable amount of this success is owed to embracing the power of the crowd or user reviews.


Consumer Reviews


Customer reviews can promote increased customer retention, improved brand loyalty and consumer acquisition across all industries. Most consumers today lead digital lives in that most of them buy items online. They research enterprises or sellers before making any purchase. For this reason, online reviews have increasingly shaped how such individuals make their shopping or purchasing decisions.


Through authentic customer reviews, a business can promote its bottom line. This increment in revenue results from capturing more clients and improved search engine rankings. Hence, including reviews into a business’ approach to customer service or product offerings earns higher LTV, loyal clients, repeat customers and increased return on customer acquisition investment.


Companies like TechStyle boosts the number of repeat customers through incorporating customer or user reviews into both its product offerings and policies. In fact, Fabletics ensures that it actively gathers, manages and responds to thousands of customer reviews.


Review Options


Review options have considerably increased, especially due to more clients seeking additional reviews. This trend has resulted in the growth of Yelp’s total reviews by 26% as well as growth of Trustpilot’s customer retention by 95%.


About Kate Hudson and Fabletics’ Success


Fabletics, one of TechStyle’s online subscription fashion brands, has grown from a mere start-up into a $250 million enterprise. Despite her lack of business background or experience, the success by the brand would not have materialized without the help of Kate Hudson and her team. Recently, she led Fabletics into celebrating the brand’s first ever partnership with a pop star, Demi Lovato. During the event, the superstar cited that she is not only in love with the company’s clothes but alsowith what it stands for, especially empowering and inspiring women to be the strong and the best versions of themselves.


Despite the challenges that Fabletics faced during its inception such as negative press and quality issues, Kate Hudson still pushed on with the brand. In fact, she was largely involved in making clear communication the focus for the company. To that end, Fabletics not only improved their customer service department but also implemented a new and better data system to make sure that they had the appropriate inventory levels. Aside from the company’s commitment to customer service and quality products, their partnership with TechStyle Fashion Group (parent company) and data-driven business approach have largely fueled their success.


If you are interested in enjoying the benefits of being a Fabletics member, you need to take a Lifestyle Quiz. It will help the company know your fashion tastes and preferences.

Desiree Perez and Roc Nation

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Jay Z’s $150 deal with live nation comes to an end, providing an open stake in the Rock Nation business, should he not agree to an extension to the contract. speculations have been made as where to continue. Desiree Perez, the executive director of ROC Nation, looks to make a move and capitalize on this opportunity allowing UMG to purchase a stake in Roc Nation. With this move it could open up many opportunities for Jay Z and co. financially in the future.

Having been in the Roc Nation business for a while, Desiree Perez commonly provides the right decisions in progressing the company forward. The successful company contains some of the premier artists in Jay, Z, Beyoncé, and even Rhianna.Being the executive director of a multi-million dollar company isn’t just some easy task. It would seem as the weight and the future of the company is on her shoulders and tough decisions have to be made. For Desiree, the pressure is nothing as she is familiar with being on the big stage of business.

She’s been a close associate to Jay Z for over twenty years familiarizing herself with his type of business. She has many successful accolades under her belt as she is the producer of successful premier for the On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z. Desire Perez is a seasoned vet in running the company as she is an incredible negotiator and can calculate numbers significant to progressing the Roc Company and all its affiliates forward.

Heavy Metal Drummer Cassio Audi Moves to the World of Finance

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Heavy metal has been one of the most successful genres of music in Brazil since the early 1980s when the new wave of British bands arrived in the South American nation and became an influence on a generation of young people who had lived under the oppressive rule of the previous Brazilian regime. Cassio Audi was one of the new generation of Brazilian heavy metal musicians who would start their careers in heavy metal replicating the sounds and lyrics of their British heroes.

The band, Viper was established in 1985 when a group of fans of British heavy metal groups came together to form the band and begin a journey still moving forward today for some of the members. Cassio Audi was the drummer for the first incarnation of Viper who began life with a few home made recordings released on cassette tape to publicize the early work of the band; released as “The Killera Sword”, these initial two recordings led to the band gaining a loyal live following and a record deal with the Rock Brigade label. Click here to know more.

In 1987, Viper entered the studio to record their first album, a debut becoming known in the music industry as a fine example of the musical skill of the teenagers from Sao Paulo. Cassio Audi was praised for his work on the “Soldiers of Sunrise” album which showcased the various different genres the drummer could work in across the single album. Singer Andre Matos revealed Audi was instrumental in forming the sound of the final track recorded by the group over the course of a single week. The song “H.R.” was transformed from a heavy metal song to the punk genre with the aid of the delicate drumming touch of the highly skilled, Cassio Audi.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Cassio-Audi

Lori Senecal’s Global CEO Role at CP+B is Expected to End Late this Year

Advertising Leader

Lori Senecal has made headlines severally as the Global CEO of CP+B because of her exceptional talent. She joined the renowned the ad agency as the founding Global CEO back in 2015. Her unique managerial skills were influential in helping MDC Partners Network grow when she previously served as the company’s president and CEO.

Senecal’s Achievements at CP+B

Senecal will be celebrated, after her departure, due to her role in ensuring that American Airlines signed as a client of CP+B. Chuck Porter, one of the agency’s founders and chairperson, recently released a statement praising Senecal. In the statement, he also pointed out that the Global CEO helped CP+B acquire a client from their competitor, TM Advertising. The competitor had signed American Airlines as one of its principal customers for 25 years.

Porter mentioned that even though Senecal will be leaving at the end of the year, she is currently helping him to develop the ad agency’s future leadership team. The ad agency’s chairperson also said that the two are engaging in critical decision-making processes concerning leadership. Porter referred to Senecal as a truly fantastic partner. He also attributed CP+B’s smart and efficient leadership to her talent.


About Lori Senecal

As Global CEO, Lori Senecal is responsible for the global expansion and growth of CP+B. Her job also entails managing the company’s international satellite offices and focusing on its continued worldwide growth. Due to her ability to execute these roles well, CP+B became a recipient of Advertising Age’s Creativity Innovator of the Year award in 2016. Advertising Age also included Senecal in its list of Agency Executives to Watch in the same year. She previously had membership in Ad Council Board of Directors.

Besides impacting CP+B’s growth, Senecal also worked for KBS as the Global chair and chief executive officer. She developed mechanisms to grow the company’s workforce from 250 individuals to 900 individuals. Due to this exemplary improvement in its workforce, KBS earned several recognitions. These include being listed on Ad Week’s “Standout Agencies” and Crain’s “Best Places to Work in NYC” lists. Before joining KBS, she previously worked as president of New York-based McCann Erickson and McCann Workgroup’s chief innovation officer.


Greg Secker Offers Invaluable Insight on Forex Trading

Forex Trading

Greg Secker is a serial entrepreneur who hails from America. Born in 1975, Secker has been instrumental in forex trading. Through his excellent and invaluable advice on trading, Greg Secker has built an excellent reputation coupled with a huge client base. Perhaps his memorable achievement in trading popped up when he established several trading platforms with the aim of educating traders on successful and aggressive trading methods. Secker is a master in forex trading. He understands the ropes that connect the trade in multiple ways.


Moved by his passion for educating masses on forex trading, Secker established a foundation called Knowledge to Action in 2003. This is an institution that offers training on trading and the channels that yield maximum results. Through this firm, Secker has empowered seasoned and new traders across the world. He believes in sharing knowledge with the aim of making better the society. As an international speaker and mentor, Secker is inclined towards availing several trading platforms for trading. Aside from Knowledge to Action, Secker has established Smart Chart Software, Greg Secker Foundation and Learn to Trade. Through Greg’s leadership, many traders have been empowered with trading skills. His organizations work in unison to provide the best services.


As a man whose past stemmed from humble beginnings, Greg Secker has been a role model to prospective forex traders. His career began at Thomas Cook Firm for Financial Services. In that firm, he was an executive leader trusted with the management of foreign exchange platforms. He then delved into Virtual Trading Desk, a business formed on virtual trading. Secker would enable clients to successfully trade online by monitoring the market fluctuations. Through virtual trading, many clients accessed real-time systems. Greg was later elevated to president of Mellon Corporation, a financial institution.


Greg Secker is an executive entrepreneur. He made his millions at a young age. Having delved into foreign trade exchange straight from school, he established strong entrepreneurial networks coupled with talent and passion. Secker is committed to empowering people through disseminating crucial trading data. To Secker, clients come first. He uses his organizations to educate masses.

Omar Yunes’ Astonishing Achievements


At the age of twenty-one, Omar Yunes had achieved what most of the entrepreneurs saw as a record breaking accomplishment. Few entrepreneurs have ever achieved this at such a young age. Omar Yunes is a franchisee of Sushi Itto. Last December on date five, he won the award of the best franchisee of the world. His victory was based on his various contributions towards the brand he represents. At only the age of 21 years, Omar Yunes became the franchisee of a Japanese food chain.

The Japanese food chain owns thirteen units which are located in different locales. The outlets are established in different areas which include Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. Although these may seem to be many units possessed by the company, they make only 10% of the overall brand units owned by this company. This portrays the significant progress upheld by this company.

In an interview with Omar Yunes, he stated that he was only a representative of the brand and that there were several individuals behind the success of the company. The company has four hundred employees who are in charge of the thirteen units. These employees were beyond innovation depicted from these units hence a primary contribution towards winning this prize.

The 2015 best franchisee of the world (BFW) was attended by representatives from thirty-four countries. Among these countries include Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, and Hungary. The winning of this prize depicts the impeccable performance possessed by a company since several companies from different countries are involved in the competition hence stiff competition is maintained. In the 2015 edition of this competition, the companies were evaluated on networking effect. The brand merely influenced success in the contest.

Omar Yunes is an investor from Mexico who represents a company named Sushi Itto. He has won numerous awards as the best franchisee in several years. His success in franchise is attributed to by his aggressive nature of marketing his products. As such, he has a significant control within the food industry. As earlier stated, his achievement in winning the prizes is attributed to by the unity and efficient operations by his workforce. He motivates his workforce by remunerating them well. As such, the goals of the company can be easily realized. To know more click here.

How Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu Education Fund Have Changed Many Lives


The Ubuntu Education Fund managed to raise more than £603,000 from a charity event in conjunction with Andrew Rolfe in London. The money was planned for expanding students’ capacity at Port Elizabeth campus. Besides, some funds were to be directed towards the improvement of the pediatric clinic run by the campus. Ubuntu Education Fund has over 400,000 disadvantaged beneficiaries in Africa. The Fund takes good care of the disadvantaged children’s health and education until they are fully ready for a career. Ubuntu was started in 1999 with the primary objective of supporting education. However, the fund later began to provide other essentials like food and healthcare.

During the charity celebrations, Andrew Rolfe, the Chairman of Ubuntu Fund welcomed individuals like Sinesipho who is a beneficiary of the Fund. Sinesipho gave a personal testimony that moved the audience prompting people to give generously. Ubuntu Education Fund is currently sponsoring over 2,000 children within Port Elizabeth, particularly from the needy homes. These children are provided with healthcare and vocational training to help them support their families financially later in life. Moreover, Ubuntu has been in the first line in the fight against HIV transmission by educating people about HIV and AIDS. Around 90 percent of Ubuntu scholars attend major universities.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew graduated with a master’s degree from Harvard Business School in Business Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from the Oxford University. Besides, Rolfe serves as the managing director for TowerBook Capital Partners that deals with food services as well as hospitality acquisitions and investment opportunities that are available throughout Europe and the United States.

Furthermore, Andrew Rolfe has served in the capacity of an executive for the Gap, Inc. where he led the clothing brand into the global market. Rolfe is also an innovator and has assisted companies such as True Religion Apparel, Inc. and J. Jill to expand their markets to international levels. He is also a professional with leadership skills and always searches for ways that can be used to improve and increase opportunities for the less fortunate people.

What Tony Petrello is Doing for Nabors

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Nabors Industries Ltd. is the largest land-based oil drilling organization in the world. It’s currently a member of the S&P 400 index, listed on New York Stock Exchange, and boasted an astounding $1.02 billion in fiscal year 2016. Although the geothermal giant is incorporated offshore in the Caribbean island nation of Bermuda, Nabors is operated in Houston, Texas, also home to Tony Petrello.

In the recently-announced deal headed by innovative businessman Tony Petrello, Nabors is slated to acquire Tesco Corporation, a popular manufacturer and servicer of equipment used in drilling oil. Tesco will be combined with a manufacturer of oil rig equipment that Nabors already operates named Canrig, further enhancing the organization’s capabilities. Together, these two subsidiaries are expected to bring in $20 million in their first year of working together, then boost to a level exceeding $30 million.

Nabors will acquire Tesco, operating it as its very own subsidiary. This transaction is just one of many in recent years on behalf of the booming drilling company, in 2016 branching off joint venture with Arabian oil company Saudi Aramco, as well as partnering alongside Weatherford International.

Expected to close in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2017, the shareholders of Tesco will be given slightly more than two-thirds’ share value of common stock in Nabors, in exchange for one chart of Tesco stock. These shareholders alone will own roughly 10% of the entirety of Nabors’ outstanding stock, calculated at $181.5 million of Nabors’ total outstanding market capitalization of $181.5 billion.

Tony Petrello has had an outstandingly successful career, earning three college degrees, heading a successful law firm, and – as detailed earlier – working as the CEO, among six other prestigious titles, of Nabors Industries. Petrello first attended Yale University, earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in only three years’ time. Afterwards, he quickly worked towards a master’s degree in the same field, earning both together before he turned 20 to9 learn more info about us: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-petrello-1335b097 click here.

Next came Harvard Law School, where the oil tycoon earned a juris doctorate. He applied this degree at Baker & McKenzie, a law firm in New York, for more than a decade before working for Nabors.

Desiree Perez Seeks New Partners For Roc Nation

Music Streaming Industry

The Roc Nation recording label owned and managed by rapper Jay-Z has recently become the source of much speculation after senior figures from the company were seen leaving the Universal Music Group’s offices in California. Speculation has been mounting about the future of Roc Nation as its groundbreaking $150 million ten year deal with the Live Nation company is drawing to a close; the deal will end in 2018 and give both sides the opportunity to buy out the other or simply step away from the deal.  Click on pagesix.com for additional article.

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Insiders at Live Nation have speculated the management of the concert based company are looking to concentrate more on the touring side of the artists associated with Roc Nation and step away from their recording deal; Desiree Perez has been a trusted advisor to Jay-Z for almost 20 years and has built a reputation as one of the toughest negotiators in the music industry. The pair is looking to develop a closer relationship with Universal to replace the $150 million deal expiring in 2018, which could see an extension of the distribution deal UMG already has with Roc Nation as executives at the company have already expressed their admiration for the rapper and his company.  Related article on runninglip.com

Over the course of a 20-year career in the music industry, Desiree Perez has been at the forefront of the development of the Roc Nation brand and the furthering of the careers of many of the artists signed to the label. Desiree Perez is well known for being a member of the Hova Circle of Influence known for developing the strategy of the Roc Nation brand as they move into the future.  Check hitsdailydouble.com.

Learn more about Dez on http://prettymanprettyman.com/desiree-perez-the-woman-behind-the-scenes-of-roc-nation/

Dallas Bank CEO, John Holt, Participates As Panelist

Mortgage Lending

John Holt, President and CEO of Dallas based NexBank, was the subject of a recent article on PR Newswire’s website. The article briefly discussed his participation as a panelist at the latest bankers convention. According to the article, the convention was the fifth annual Texas Bankers Strategic Opportunities Conference. The convention was held in New Orleans.

Mr. Holt sat on the panel of a discussion on the topic of using innovation for competing with other banks for business. Mr. Holt was a very active member of the panel. His ideas were very well received by the other panel participants and the spectators alike.

Nexbank is a fairly successful bank that is located in the Dallas metropolitan area. One of the bank’s main focus is one personal banking. The financial institution offers its’ customers a variety of checking and savings accounts for their personal financial needs. Savings accounts include traditional accounts, as well as high-yielding money market accounts for higher balance accounts. The checking accounts also have various features including; Visa check cards, ATM access, online bill pay, electronically sent monthly statements, and more.

The bank also offers a variety of mortgage lending options for individuals looking to purchase or refinance a home in the Dallas, and surrounding, areas. The website offers a variety of tools for individuals to use for figuring out how much of a loan they can afford to checking current rate options. There is also a checklist for individuals to insure they have the proper documentation to bring to the mortgage loan application appointment. The mortgage lending staff are well experienced and ready to help make theses transactions flow as smoothly as possible.

NexBank has been in business since 1934. It is currently the 13th largest bank in the state of Texas. It is also in the top 200 banks in the nation.