One of the most important parts of success is a plan. It is rare for someone to succeed by accident. As a matter of fact, people who try to live on accident will most likely make a mess of everything. In the financial area, this is how it happens. Richard Dwayne Blair sees this all the time and wants to help people live another way. With so many people who are in debt and having financial difficulties with little hope of getting out, Richard is there to offer his services and advice. With his assistance, people are going to be able to see things in a different and more hopeful way.

One of Richard Dwayne Blair’s favorite approaches is the three-pillar approach. This is a powerful approach for a lot of people because it helps them get organized and come up with a path to reaching their goals. It could be any goal they have. All that is needed is for them to work with Richard Dwayne Blair to figure out what their financial needs are. After that, they have to figure out what they have to do to get to the desired financial position. Then they have to carefully put these plans into action.

Among the goals that people have are retirement and financial freedom. Retirement is an important goal to think about because at some point, people are going to have to step out of the workforce. If they do not have enough money to live comfortably, then their retirement is going to be tough. Richard Dwayne Blair sees many people wait until too late to plan for retirement. The three-pillar approach to financial planning is effective in helping people reach their financial goals. He also encourages his clients to find other opportunities to make and save money.