We all have dreams, visions, inspiration, and ambitions. However, most of us lack a way of bringing these goals to fruition despite having the motivation to achieve them. For Doe Deere, it has not been an easy journey getting to a place of personal fulfillment. In spite of many challenges, Doe Deere is currently known to be the creator and CEO of Lime Crime Makeup, a company that develops beauty products for both boys and girls. According to Doe, beauty is a matter of perspective. However, she believes that with some application of makeup, what people refer to as ordinary can become monumental.

In a previous interview, Doe depicted just how much love she has for makeup. With her trademark purple color, Doe Deere is called the Queen of Unicorns. Although Doe was born in Russia, she currently resides in the United States of America. As a young girl, it never dawned on her that she would be this successful as the founder and owner of a beauty business since she has always had an interest in being a musician. At 13 years, Deere was selling temporary tattoos in Russia especially at school, thanks to her inborn capabilities. Her journey as a musician made Doe refine her career and marketing techniques, skills that have made her a successful entrepreneur over the years. Apart from nurturing Doe’s entrepreneurial mind, music also provided a platform that allowed her to meet her husband who at one time was a band colleague and a talented songwriter.

Based on her life background, Doe Deere believes that everyone has an equal chance to succeed as long as they follow their heart’s desires. Besides, she believes that everyone is unique in one way or the other and should, therefore, find a way of exploiting individual talents. People only succeed whenever they indulge in activities that no other person in the world can perform. When you reach a point of providing consumers with particular services and products, then success comes knocking on your door. According to Doe, she would not be where she is today if she decided to sit on her abilities rather than exploiting them. Due to her resilience and ability to experiment, she came up with Lime Crime Makeup. From Deere, we learn that it is only the people that separate themselves from the crowd that ends up making it in life. Therefore, success is a gift given to all provided that they are brave enough to explore their inborn talents.

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